By running our infrastructure on AWS, we've been able to accelerate our annual growth and support more than two million customers while keeping our costs basically flat. 
Mike Arbuzov Chief Technology Officer

Since 2007, Gelato has been disrupting the printing world by making commercial-quality printing accessible to everyone, everywhere. Its global, cloud-based print platform connects consumers and businesses with high-end digital print facilities around the world. It serves different customer segments through its various sites—including, which offers local and sustainable printing to global companies, and, an online store for personalized cards aimed at families.

  • Build a redundant, reliable infrastructure in the cloud to ensure excellent service levels to customers.
  • Meet the capacity needs of a rapidly growing global client base, and cope with seasonal peaks in demand of up to four times base-level load.
  • Establish a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain architecture to keep operations lean.
  • Cost-effective scale and elasticity: With its customer base continuing to expand, Gelato finds it can scale easily. Furthermore, during high-demand periods such as Christmas, the team can quickly provision more than 100 server instances and process 100 TB of data.
  • Lean ops: Gelato can manage its AWS environment with just one dedicated systems engineer and a DevOps culture. With a traditional infrastructure, it would require up to three additional system administrators to provision the level of services that it currently runs in the cloud.
  • Support for growth: Gelato can maintain its growth through continual, rapid innovation that allows it to keep its services at the cutting edge of the market.

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