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Grab Powers Customer Engagement Across Southeast Asia with Amazon SES

Grab utilizes Amazon SES to enhance the customer experience for over 34 million users throughout Southeast Asia. With Amazon SES, Grab easily manages the delivery of transactional and marketing emails to its users, driver-partners, and delivery-partners.

34 million+

monthly transacting users receive reliable email delivery 

1 in 20

Southeast Asia residents eat, ride, or pay via Grab each month

Increased customer engagement

through automated email marketing campaigns


Grab is a leading superapp in Southeast Asia for deliveries, mobility, and digital financial services, reaching more than 34 million monthly transacting users. Since its launch in 2012, Grab has utilized AWS to support its application environment and data analytics platform.

To provide transaction notifications and automate marketing email delivery, Grab uses Amazon SES. With Amazon SES, the business scales to support millions of transactions, boosts customer engagement, and eliminated the need to maintain email infrastructure.

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Opportunity | Powering Growth Across Southeast Asia with AWS

Founded in 2012, Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp. Millions of people across the region use Grab daily, for tasks ranging from ordering food or groceries to hailing taxis, sending packages, and making online purchases. The company serves users in more than 500 cities across Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam in the deliveries, mobility, and digital financial services sectors.

To address its transaction and email marketing requirements, Grab adopted Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), a bulk email sending service that seamlessly integrates into applications.

Over the years, Grab has grown from a ride-hailing service to a superapp offering food and grocery delivery, parcel delivery, and access to financial services such as lending and insurance. Fhelicia Selas Selestin, engineering manager at Grab, says, "AWS provides the reliability and scalability that fuel our evolution and rapid expansion with confidence. With AWS, we’re always innovating.”

Grab recognizes the importance of effectively communicating with its growing customer base. To foster customer loyalty and differentiate its business, the company automated email transaction receipts and improved email marketing campaigns—without the need to manage underlying hardware or infrastructure.


Amazon SES empowers us to scale our emails in response to demand as we expand into new cities across Southeast Asia.”

Fhelicia Selas Selestin
Engineering Manager, Grab

Solution | Optimizing Transactional and Marketing Emails with Amazon SES

Using Amazon SES, Grab captures several types of transactions and delivers them as emails to users. These include ride and delivery receipts, notifications, and payment-related information being processed through Amazon SES. Grab also uses Amazon SES as an integral part of its email marketing approach and has developed reputation dashboards using Amazon SES metrics to monitor the deliverability of emails, notifications, and updates. Paul-Eric Licari, regional head of group business development at Grab, says, “With Amazon SES, we can successfully execute our customer engagement strategy, driving meaningful connections with users.”

Outcome | Serving More Than 34 Million+ Monthly Transacting Users

With Amazon SES, Grab can seamlessly deliver emails to customers every day, supporting the company’s focus on reliability. Today, Grab supports more than 34 million Monthly Transacting User (MTUs), which means one out of every 20 people in Southeast Asia uses Grab for eating, riding, or making payments every month. Selestin says, “Amazon SES empowers us to scale our emails in response to demand as we expand into new cities across Southeast Asia.”

By automating email marketing campaigns with Amazon SES, Grab has experienced an increase in overall customer engagement. Licari emphasizes the advantages of utilizing Amazon SES: "With Amazon SES managing our email transactions and marketing campaigns, we are freed from the burden of backend infrastructure maintenance. This allows Grab to redirect time and resources towards crucial tasks like optimizing inbox deliverability."

About Grab

Grab is a leading superapp in Southeast Asia, operating across the deliveries, mobility, and digital financial services sectors.

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