AWS supported our busiest sale period ever, with no disruption. We broke our sales record two weeks into the month-long sale.
Jonathan Howell Chief Technology Officer was founded in 2010 to connect designers directly with consumers, cutting out distributors to offer outstanding home furnishings at an affordable price. It also gives designers access to a mass market that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them. The company is growing by more than 40 percent a year and has expanded from its home market in the UK to five other European countries.

  • Scale IT infrastructure to support rapid international growth
  • Provide an environment where developers could release a steady stream of new features to customers and make the supply chain more efficient
  • Maintain a reliable service during peak sales periods
  • Resilient platform: The previous solution experienced connectivity problems, which resulted in lost revenue during peak periods. The infrastructure on AWS supported a disruption-free sale period for the first time in three years—one where the sales record was broken two weeks into the month-long sale.
  • Agile landscape: Developers now have a flexible environment to create new services such as Talent Lab—’s application for up-and-coming designers—or to work on making the company’s supply chain more efficient.
  • Seamless scalability: On the busiest day of the January sale, the website sees three times the activity of a regular sales day. With Auto Scaling groups, can automatically provision resources to handle this surge.

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