We can run a much bigger platform on AWS at the same cost as before, plus it's easier to take on new business. 
Erik Fjellborg Chief Executive Officer and Founder

In 2005, Erik Fjellborg was working part-time at McDonald’s. He noticed that his manager frequently struggled to manage employees’ schedules over the phone. As a result, Erik decided to build a system to solve the problem, and McDonald’s soon became the first customer of Erik’s new company—Quinyx. Today, it’s one of the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) workforce management tools for enterprise organizations and is growing by about 50 percent year over year. It helps large enterprises around the world coordinate around 2 million employees, handling 200,000 concurrent users. 

  • Provide a reliable, high-quality service for customers as business expands across the globe.
  • Ensure robust security for employees’ sensitive personal and financial information.
  • Make it easy for developers to deliver an excellent product.
  • Backed by a trusted brand: Quinyx handles sensitive data for businesses across Europe, and prospective customers like the fact that it sits on a secure and scalable environment that meets their compliance and performance needs.
  • Platform for global expansion: International growth is now simple, cost-effective, and reliable. DevOps engineers estimate that a deployment for a new customer takes around a day, whereas before it could take up to a month.
  • More efficient DevOps: By running the infrastructure as code, the two engineers who maintain the environment now spend 20 percent less time on routine management tasks, repurposing the saved time to making a better product through rapid, low-cost testing.  

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