Qvantel Defines the Next Step for Digital Telcos with AWS


More than a billion people are predicted to be 5G subscribers by 2025, which brings opportunities for communication service providers to serve customers in new ways. The prospect of widely adopted 5G is driving the evolution of systems that will support the new demands this will bring in the future. 

Supporting more than 230 million subscribers worldwide and with operations in 23 countries, Finnish company Qvantel is a provider of business support systems (BSS) software to communication service providers.

Qvantel Flex BSS provides the maximum adaptability and agility that organizations will need to meet future demands. Working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Qvantel is helping its customers move to the cloud and transform to become digital-first communication service providers. 

Qvantel’s software and services allow communication service providers to deliver great customer experiences, monetize digital services, achieve efficient operations, and react quickly to challenges posed by new digitally native entrants. This lets communication service providers build 5G operations that are agile enough to experiment with new business models quickly, without being held back by legacy systems.


Using AWS, Qvantel provides capabilities for communication service providers to launch new offers or make changes to their existing offerings within hours, as opposed to the weeks or months typically seen with telecom industry legacy solutions.”

Tero Nieminen
Chief Technology Officer, Qvantel

Rebuilding BSS to Enable Digital Transformation

As a provider of software services, Qvantel knew it needed to upgrade to a model that would provide its own business with greater flexibility so it could respond to future market changes and customer demands. So, it made its BSS software suite fully microservices-based and cloud-native. 

The company also needed to meet the highly regulated sector’s compliance requirements. Stakeholders must be mindful of data privacy and security regulations—and be able to make changes without disrupting services. 

The AWS team worked with Qvantel for just over a year to optimize the cloud-native solution. With services running on AWS, Qvantel can now implement and deploy projects faster and more easily using fully remote implementations. This results in reduced project times and optimized costs. 

In addition to cloud-native design, Qvantel built its Qvantel Flex BSS software to provide no-code configurability. This offers its customers the flexibility they need to implement changes more easily at a significantly lower cost and improved time to market. “Using AWS, Qvantel provides capabilities for communication service providers to launch new offers or make changes to their existing offerings within hours, as opposed to the weeks or months typically seen with telecom industry legacy solutions,” says Tero Nieminen, chief technology officer (CTO), Qvantel.

The 5G Opportunity

Strategically, Qvantel made the right move at the right time. Building on AWS means that the company can give customers a competitive advantage in a fast-moving and dynamic sector that will soon see further disruption. 

The introduction of 5G edge computing will bring many new use cases. Locating cloud-based computing power closer to the end user’s premises will improve application performance by reducing latency and significantly increasing data processing rates. And this will help support the framework for new experiences, products, and services in areas as diverse as gaming, healthcare, the Internet of Things (IoT), energy and resource efficiency, and financial services. 

With Qvantel Flex BSS architected to make the most of AWS, Qvantel customers can now change business processes and rules themselves. This will help them accelerate their shift to the cloud, optimize costs, and innovate faster. And it will let them deliver digital and 5G services with the flexibility, reliability, security, and scalability they need to tap new revenues. 

The future challenge for operators is to have a platform that enables continuous innovation. With this, they can quickly and cost effectively experiment with new business models, new offers, and new processes without fear of failure. Whether the new models are B2C, B2B, or B2B2X—where X is an as-yet unknown party—operators will be able to move quickly to respond to new demands and opportunities. “We know there will be exciting new products and services brought to life by 5G, and—while the winning services and their timing may vary per market—the key for success is flexibility,” says Nieminen. “The best companies will make sure they are cost efficient when it comes to experimentation and ready to throw themselves into continuous innovation.” 

In this sense, Qvantel’s no-code BSS is doing more than powering Qvantel’s own digital transformation. It’s also supporting the coming transformation of its customers, who will need to move fast and innovate to remain competitive.

About Qvantel

Qvantel is a telecom industry pioneer with over two decades of experience leading successful cloud-based digital BSS transformations for communication service providers across Europe, Northern Africa, APAC, and the Americas. Qvantel is also one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Finland.

Benefits of AWS

  • Qvantel can implement and deploy projects faster and remotely
  • Faster implementations lead to reduced project times and optimized costs
  • Greater agility lets Qvantel experiment with new business models

AWS Services Used

Amazon EC2

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Amazon Aurora

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Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

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