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AWS Professional Services helps Sesc Digital display shows in 15 countries without any issues

Since the 1990s, Sesc had been gathering countless digital assets, including works of art, footage from spectacles, content from courses and workshops, among others. Over the years, the large volume of multimedia materials resulted in a robust platform, which needed a flexible, secure and dynamic infrastructure to host and, more than this, to deliver quality content to users.

In 2020, Sesc found the solution to release and maintain the Sesc Digital platform using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology. This technology was crucial to allow Sesc to continue reaching its audience even in times of social isolation.

More recently, in 2023, Sesc released the Relicário project, gathering audio recordings from historic shows performed at Sesc units in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The project started with the historic show recorded by João Gilberto on April 5, 1998, in which he sang the unrecorded song “Rei sem coroa”.

In this video, Fernando Amodeo Tuacek, Sesc Digital Manager, and Carlos Rocha, Data and Operations Coordinator of the platform, discuss the importance of the support received by AWS Professional Services to build their music streaming platform using a serverless architecture that guaranteed more than 10 million views to the show in more than 15 countries without any issues.


"We needed to ensure quality of experience, safety, and audio quality to our audience. We communicated all of these requirements to the AWS Professional Services team and they accepted."

Fernando Amodeo Tuacek
Sesc Digital Manager


"João Gilberto was just the beginning. Secondly, we released the recording by Zelia Duncan and João Bosco. The most impressive metric for me is having zero issues. We released 3 albums and didn't get any kind of call
for this project."

Carlos Rocha
Data and Operations Coordinator at Sesc Digital

About Sesc Digital

Sesc Digital is an online platform of content distribution from Sesc São Paulo. Created with the purpose of using the Internet to break walls and physical obstacles down, Sesc Digital provisions to the public a collection of audio, image, text and video materials, available digitally from anywhere. Visitors can watch shows, spectacles, discover works of art, learn about habits to maintain a healthier life, listen to music, take courses and workshops, try, experience and interact with the institution's exclusive content.

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Amazon DynamoDB

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