Smowtion specializes in the ad-network business, focusing on developing products and solutions for the online advertising industry, and targeting quality audiences. By combining behavioral, predictive, contextual targeting, inventory performance, and extreme targeting techniques, Smowtion allows advertisers to reach their targeted audiences, such as blogs, networks, searches, or social networks. Smowtion works with more than 80,000 publishers worldwide, using the same optimization processes, showing the most appropriate ads to visitors and obtaining a higher effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM).

When Smowtion launched in 2008, the company knew it needed an architecture that would enable it to scale as it grew--and would provide always-on functionality for its customers. Smotion leadership looked into cloud computing to fill its needs for scalability, availability, and ease of use. 

Daniel Lerner, Smowtion CTO, says, “We decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) because it fit perfectly with our business: it can scale endlessly and easily, we’ve found it to have 99 percent uptime, it’s easy to deploy and maintain, and we appreciate Amazon’s professional response time.”

Smowtion has been using AWS since its inception. Lerner says, “Back then, we were real pioneers in deciding that our whole business would rely on AWS.” The company is currently using the following services:

The Smowtion team developed all code in-house, using mainly PHP and Perl.

Smowtion is currently serving more than 5 billion impressions on their adnetwork, coming from more than 100,000 publishers. Lerner says, “We believe that building our business on another platform would have been impossible, especially given the fast times our industry runs on.”

The company has learned to take advantage of AWS’s cost management. Lerner explains: “Because any service is charged on a per-use basis, we started changing our focus from ‘using time to enhance a process’ to ‘using cheap hours on AWS to run the process.’” Lerner also likes the management console, and being able to see all services running on one single screen; this feature has helped the business by reducing maintenance and deployment.

Lerner notes, “We have always seen AWS as a company that fits perfectly with our ‘keep it simple’ vision. We hope we can continue to grow side by side, with both businesses helping each other.”

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