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Sony India Software Centre Accelerates Decision-Making and Insights with Optimized Cloud Data Platform on AWS

Sony India Software Centre scaled its Cloud Data Platform by migrating to Amazon Redshift RA3 instances, boosting query performance, reducing management time, and increasing employee satisfaction.


faster query times for improved business insights


annual cost savings

10 hours a week

freed up for IT to focus on new platform innovations

2.5 to 128 TB

Increased platform storage capacity


Sony India Software Centre (SISCPL), established in 1997 as a subsidiary of Sony India, has been instrumental in developing and supporting technology platforms and solutions for Sony on a global scale. The centre is poised to evolve into Sony's Global Competency Centre for product engineering and IT solutions development. To enhance the performance of its business-critical Cloud Data Platform (CDP) used for report generation, Sony India built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to upgrade the platform's Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

By adopting Amazon Redshift RA3 nodes, SISCPL reduced query times by 10 percent. This improvement facilitated faster business insights and eliminated the CPU utilization alerts previously encountered by the CDP team, saving team members up to 10 hours per week.


Opportunity | Navigating Swift Decision-Making Amid Data Growth

Sony India Software Centre (SISCPL) was set up as a subsidiary of Sony India in 1997 and envisioned to grow as Sony's Global Competency Centre for product engineering and IT solutions development. To ensure decision-making aligns with global corporate goals, Sony personnel rely on cloud technology. More than 100 executives globally at Sony, for example, analyze reports from its Cloud Data Platform (CDP) for insights on sales, financials, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) that ensure the subsidiary meets its objectives.

However, the executives utilizing the CDP encountered challenges in accessing various reports and analyses promptly, constraining their ability to make informed decisions. The CDP team discovered data growth, which averages around 40 GB a month, was impacting the platform’s performance, causing data-warehouse CPU utilization to hit 80 percent. Mihir Kumar, CDP technical manager at Sony India, says, “This situation led to queries being aborted or taking longer time to complete, prompting alerts within the team and resulting in the failure to generate scheduled reports.”


With the new Amazon Redshift RA3 node cluster, query execution is as much as 10% faster, ensuring reports are delivered as scheduled for personnel to analyze.”

Mihir Kumar
CDP Technical Manager at Sony India

Solution | Optimizing Data Warehouse Performance with Amazon Redshift RA3 nodes  

When Sony India sought an operational review of its CDP, which relies on Amazon Redshift for its cloud data warehouse, the business turned to AWS. The review revealed the need to upgrade the Amazon Redshift Dense Compute (DC2) nodes that were responsible for compute and local solid-state drive data storage. "We realized that just adding DC2 nodes wouldn't suffice because a significant portion of the added storage capacity would be consumed by data distribution while leader node CPU capacity remained the same. Cursor queries were impacted incrementally as they are directly dependent on leader node CPU capacity," explains Kumar.

To enhance performance and accommodate data growth effectively, Sony India’s AWS technical account manager (TAM) proposed migrating to Amazon Redshift RA3 instances with managed storage. Adopting this instance type meant Sony India could independently scale compute and storage resources and prioritize query performance while offloading storage responsibilities to Amazon Redshift Managed Storage services.

After conducting rigorous tests, the CDP team decided to migrate Sony's data warehouse to four Amazon Redshift RA3.xlplus nodes, deviating from the two Amazon Redshift RA3.4xlplus nodes planned initially. According to Kumar, "AWS provided us valuable support and optimization suggestions. Opting for xlplus nodes over 4xlplus nodes was a strategic choice that resulted in annual cost savings of approximately $25,000 across two accounts. This helped to keep the budget within limits.” Additionally, with the implementation of Amazon Redshift RA3 nodes, the CDP team increased platform storage capacity from 2.5 to 128 TB, providing ample storage to meet its future needs.

Sony collaborated with AWS Enterprise Support to achieve its project objectives. This resulted in a seamless migration process, facilitated by effective communication and coordination. Throughout the migration, AWS provided essential architectural and operational guidance. "Our migration proceeded smoothly, thanks to AWS Technical Account Managers who were available throughout the staging and production migrations. We appreciate their efforts in ensuring that support executives were also present during our activities to prevent any support delays," says Kumar.

Outcome | Empowering Personnel with Business Intelligence Capabilities

Since the implementation of Amazon Redshift RA3 instances, Sony India executives have seamless access to KPI reports that are always on schedule, which significantly enhances their decision-making capabilities. This has led to a rise in user satisfaction, and personnel now have increased confidence in the CDP's ability to support Sony's business goals. Kumar adds, "With the new Amazon Redshift RA3 node cluster, query execution is 10 percent faster, ensuring reports are delivered as scheduled for personnel to analyze."

The migration to the new instance type has also helped the CDP team reduce technical debt and optimize the data warehouse's performance—not to mention freeing up valuable time, which the team has used to continue innovating the CDP. "We used to receive 7–10 CPU alerts a week with the previous instances, and a team member would spend at least an hour resolving each one," explains Kumar. "That’s an extra 10 hours a week we can spend on new business requirements such as an upcoming network migration."

Furthermore, the team experiences a notable decrease in concerns associated with the maintenance of its business-critical platform. This positive shift in their experience has brought about a sense of relief and fulfillment for the team at Sony India. "The more alerts, the more anxiety we felt—it was as simple as that," says Kumar. "We’re now worry-free when it comes to CPU and disk space, which is where we’d always hoped to be." 

About Sony India Software Centre

Founded in 1997, Sony India Software Centre Private Limited (SISCPL) is a key subsidiary of Sony India. It specializes in embedded software development, application development, and support services, serving Sony Group companies worldwide. With a reputation for cost-effective, high-quality solutions, SISCPL is poised to become Sony's Global Competency Centre for product engineering and IT solutions development.

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