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Tally Solutions Securely Streams Its ERP Solution with NICE DCV, Providing Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere


Around 80% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India rely on Tally’s business management software to manage their accounting, inventory, taxation compliance, and overall finances. In the last 36 years, Tally Solutions Private Ltd. has provided enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to more than 2 million businesses and over 7 million users across the globe.
The company’s flagship business management software—TallyPrime—provides modern experience and features for SMBs to run their businesses seamlessly. Joyce Ray, head of India Business at Tally, says, “Over the past 36 years, we’ve been able to simplify the lives of millions of entrepreneurs across India by providing everything SMBs need to run their businesses smoothly.”
With the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, businesses were forced to adapt quickly to new ways of working. To access TallyPrime remotely, the main system on which it was installed needed to be switched on and connected. However, with offices shut down during the pandemic, maintaining these systems and connections became more challenging. As a result, there was an increasing demand for anytime, anywhere access to TallyPrime, which was previously managed through remote access.

Using NICE DCV to Stream TallyPrime on AWS

Tally sought a cloud-based application streaming solution that would serve the growing demand of anytime, anywhere access. “We considered various remote display protocol solutions for high-performance and opted for a multi-modal solution supported by AWS,” Joyce says.
Tally and AWS collaborated to architect a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution which can serve the unique needs of the Indian SMB market. AWS solution architects and prototyping engineers worked with Tally engineers to design, prototype, build, and test innovative features for a seamless user experience. The AWS team helped Tally rapidly iterate by testing multiple solutions and selecting the best techno-commercial fit. Tally’s AWS Partner, Rapyder Solutions, also assisted in co-developing and testing the software, while AWS Enterprise Support ensured successful deployment and rapid on-demand support.
Tally appointed Elcom Digital as its national distributor for marketing and sales of TallyPrime through Tally Partners. Elcom implements NICE DCV, an AWS high-performance remote display protocol, to securely stream the hosted Tally application. “We chose NICE DCV because of flexibility and cost optimization, alongside the experience and support of AWS,” says Joyce.
Using NICE DCV, TallyPrime runs remotely on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and streams the application to on-premises client machines. It leverages Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) to run a containerized application environment, with each container associated with a user; a unique instance of NICE DCV server assigned on a per-user basis handles the streaming end-user session setup and rendering.
Tally enhanced security through AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) by creating and controlling cryptographic keys and automated application scalability with AWS Auto Scaling, which adjusts capacity based on demand. Application-level two-factor authentication based on state-of-the-art asymmetric cryptography adds an additional layer of mandatory authentication for every user accessing the system.
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Elcom now has over 15,000 TallyPrime users empowered by AWS, thanks to NICE DCV enabling them to work from anywhere on any device at any time.”

Joyce Ray
Head of India Business, Tally Solutions

Giving Users Remote Application Access from Anywhere

Using NICE DCV, Tally provides its customers with anytime, anywhere access to TallyPrime regardless of location. “Elcom now has over 15,000 TallyPrime users empowered by AWS, thanks to NICE DCV enabling them to work from anywhere on any device at any time,” says Joyce. “Many of these customers are growing enterprises with multiple locations, and this greatly simplifies things for them. Whether there are travel restrictions or other interruptions, users have more flexibility now.”
Working remotely with TallyPrime on AWS is simple for Tally’s customers, who only need a Tally license and TallyPrime on AWS pack from Elcom to begin working through NICE DCV. “With TallyPrime powered by AWS, customers are onboarded by Elcom in 5–10 minutes. It’s a seamless process,” Joyce says. “There’s no need for training or excessive time spent in learning the solution.”

Ensuring Secure Streaming while Reducing Costs

Tally is securely streaming its ERP software to thousands of customers by running on NICE DCV, which integrates with the company’s two-factor authentication process. NICE DCV provides custom security layers, which, alongside AWS KMS encryption, helps enhance the security of TallyPrime.
Tally has achieved cost optimization and affordability by migrating from a Windows to Linux environment, resulting in approximately 42% cost savings. Furthermore, NICE DCV is offered as a complimentary service running on Amazon EC2 with no additional charges, allowing Tally to offer TallyPrime at a competitive price to its customers.

Scaling the User Base

With TallyPrime powered by AWS, Tally is set to scale its platform seamlessly as user traffic increases. AWS offers the necessary scalability and reliability to ensure the best experience for Tally's global customers.

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About Tally Solutions Private Ltd

Tally Solutions, headquartered in India, is a technology company that delivers business software for small and medium businesses. Founded more than three decades ago in 1986, Tally Solutions caters to millions of users across a range of industries in more than 120 countries.


  • Gives users reliable remote access to ERP application anytime, anywhere
  • Onboards new users in 5–10 minutes
  • Achieves 42% cost savings
  • Securely streams software to thousands of customers

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