Tapjoy is a small San Francisco company that provides advertising services for mobile applications. Tapjoy partners with many leading Apple iPhone and Android publishers to help monetize their virtual goods and improve their distribution.

Tapjoy Provides Global In-App Mobile Ad Platform Using AWS And Reduces Dev Costs by $500,000 (3:27)


The company combines ad aggregation with a virtual goods platform, providing ad networks with a large amount of data and high fill rates to create what Ben Lewis, co-founder of Tapjoy, calls “the most powerful install network available.”

Before signing on with AWS, Tapjoy used a different hoster, but the company needed the ability to scale more efficiently. The company also wanted an infrastructure that would be flexible as it grew.

After developing its solution, Tapjoy looked for a source to cultivate its expansion. Lewis says, “AWS had all the tools we needed to grow our system. When we were projecting out potential traffic levels, only AWS really had the resources to support our growth.” Tapjoy now uses the following AWS products:

 Lewis says, “Switching to AWS helped us scale much more efficiently and gave us much more flexibility and support in growing our infrastructure.”

Since shifting its code to Amazon EC2, the company has benefited from a cost savings of 10x. The savings were even greater when Tapjoy shifted to Amazon SimpleDB for its main storage system. Lewis says, “Even though we have grown roughly 50x, our monthly bill is still lower than it was on the old system.”

Tapjoy plans to begin using Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) for more complex targeting algorithms. Meanwhile, Lewis says of the current services, “The command-line tools make the system extremely flexible. We have complete control over our entire system through very easy-to-maintain scripts.”

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