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VideoCX '' Broadcast Messaging Solution Resolves Agent Communication Challenges for Insurers Using AWS transformed its broadcast messaging solution,, using Amazon SQS, AWS Media Services, and Amazon Translate, ensuring seamless integration, high scalability, and the ability to broadcast millions of messages in seconds.

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Overview (formerly known as WorkApps) is a banking technology startup known for its video KYC and video banking platform, which helps large banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) organizations make use of video for customer onboarding and support. To help insurance companies communicate more effectively with agents, the company built an advanced broadcast messaging platform——on Amazon Web Services (AWS). utilized Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) as a fully managed message queuing system, AWS Media Services to help broadcast video messages, and Amazon Translate for a multi-language capability. With these services supporting, key customers like HDFC Life have made communication faster and more effective.

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Opportunity | Increasing the Effectiveness of Millions of Messages offers an enterprise-grade video meeting platform used by more than 50 financial services companies in India. In a recent analysis, the company discovered that Indian insurance companies faced a challenge—emails and SMS messages have become so prevalent that they often get lost in the sea of spam, resulting in extremely low open rates. This was problematic because insurers rely on agents to sell up to 78 percent of their policies, and these emails contained crucial product information.

In conversations with its customers, found that many of them had turned to messaging platforms like WhatsApp to reduce their reliance on email. However, these platforms had several drawbacks, including high costs, security concerns, and character count limitations. To address the challenge and enhance communication between insurance companies and agents, started developing an advanced broadcast messaging platform, The platform would seamlessly integrate with companies’ mobile apps and portals, facilitating the distribution of text, audio, and video content in multiple languages. would also offer a detailed dashboard to track message open and read rates.

For to be effective, the platform required a scalable backend infrastructure capable of disseminating millions of messages within minutes. Rudrajeet Desai, founder and chief executive officer of, explains, “We needed a platform that was secure and simple to integrate, minimizing the amount of code needed.”


AWS Media Services takes care of everything, from streaming and compatibility to bandwidth optimization, framing, and content analytics.”

Rudrajeet Desai
Founder and Chief Executive Officer at

Solution | Simplifying Platform Integration to Two Days

To build, turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS), implementing solutions like Amazon SQS, a fully managed message queuing system, to efficiently send, store, and receive messages between software components. It also uses AWS Media Services to facilitate the seamless broadcasting of video messages. "AWS Media Services takes care of everything, from streaming and compatibility to bandwidth optimization, framing, and content analytics,” says Desai. 

In addition, adopted Amazon Translate to automatically translate messages from Hindi or English to local Indian languages for agents. It further simplified integration by developing an API with just 40 lines of code—a stark contrast to the thousands of lines that make up most messaging platform APIs. Desai states, "With a straightforward API, customers can integrate within two days." 

Outcome | Boosting Email Open and Read Rates

Customers of are already experiencing improved communications on One example is’ largest customer, HDFC Life. With a network of over 179,000 agents and partners, HDFC Life relies on for various forms of communication, such as sharing training videos and delivering daily updates. Thanks to, HDFC Life can disseminate millions of messages within seconds and has increased open and read rates.

What’s more, HDFC Life has observed an increase in agent productivity. provides highly effective communication channels for agents to resolve queries with HDFC Life managers. The company has also experienced a reduction in communication costs since it no longer relies on expensive application subscriptions to distribute messages.

Satish Newatia, vice president of distribution planning and program management at HDFC Life, says, "Traditional channels like email and SMS weren't effective for us; they had low open rates and no way to track engagement. We needed a faster, more reliable way to communicate with our agents. met all our needs for broadcast messaging, rich media content, analytics, targeting, and white labeling. Plus, being on AWS ensures that the platform scales easily as we send millions of messages each month." believes that’ value will continue to grow as HDFC Life uses the platform to communicate with its employees. With many employees working remotely, serves as an effective platform for disseminating new product updates and launches, policies, and regulatory changes to employees. Desai concludes, "HDFC Life has implemented for almost all of its agents and partners and plans to expand its usage to other teams in the coming months."


Founded in Pune in 2017, launched a video banking platform in India. Formerly known as WorkApps, its cloud-based video platform is used by banks, non-banking financial institutions, and insurance companies for processes including credit verification and customer support.

AWS Services Used

Amazon SQS

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) lets you send, store, and receive messages between software components at any volume, without losing messages or requiring other services to be available.

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AWS Media Services

With pay-as-you-go Media Services and advanced video processing appliances, you can produce high-impact creative projects and outstanding viewing experiences.

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Amazon Translate

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, high-quality, affordable, and customizable language translation.

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