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Voucherify Lets Businesses Build Smarter Brand Loyalty Programs

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

ISO 27001 compliance


reduced IT cost as migration allowed for better resource utilization


With AWS, Voucherify has capitalized on this opportunity by building a business that runs personalized offers and loyalty campaigns at any scale. Its chief executive officer, Tomasz Pindel, says that alongside the benefits of security and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO 27001 compliance, having a single cloud provider like AWS means fewer vendor checks, more connectivity, faster access to new products, and a simplification of strategy thinking. AWS has helped the business optimize costs and support its moves into the next phase of the digital economy. For Voucherify, this means offering ever more sophisticated campaigns to its clients globally.


We felt we had friends and partners on our journey, not just suppliers.”

Tomasz Pindel
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Voucherify

Voucherify Lets Businesses Build Smarter Brand Loyalty Programs

We all love a bargain or a special offer. And we appreciate it when our loyalty to a brand is rewarded—even if we don’t think about the technology and enterprise involved behind-the-scenes at loyalty programs.

Poland-based Voucherify provides an API-first engine for such programs. It gives marketers and developers a set of flexible building blocks to implement, manage, and track targeted promotional campaigns at any scale.

The business was started as a software company in 2013 by three engineers who wanted to provide companies with the tools necessary to build their own outbound promotion programs and brand loyalty products. The developers had witnessed first-hand the trouble clients had with existing, non-developer friendly services and saw an opportunity.

Today, Voucherify’s customers number 350 businesses in Europe, APAC, and the US and it has become a member of the MACH Alliance, a not-for-profit body that advocates for open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystems. The founders wanted to maintain control of the company and decided not to accept external funding. Voucherify has remained independent since its early days.

But as the company grew fast and picked up larger clients, it stopped to reconsider how it sourced and managed technology. If it wanted to serve its clients effectively, it needed to expand its technology setup.

Voucherify understood that having a single, recognized cloud vendor was a big advantage in terms of regulation and compliance, as well as giving clients assurances over security. So, it chose to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and began to migrate its operations to the cloud.

Voucherify finds that having a single cloud provider simplifies its strategy and planning. It saves time when it comes to vendor checks and applying security measures, because everything is connected. “Using AWS, it’s easy to link everything together, you spend less time and effort on interoperability,” says Tomasz Pindel, chief executive officer and co-founder, Voucherify. “None of these benefits are small things in business terms. They all make a real difference.”

Voucherify was pleasantly surprised and pleased at how hard the AWS account management team worked to optimize costs, even before signing an enterprise agreement, where discounts would have been part of the deal. “We felt we had friends and partners on our journey, says Pindel, not just a supplier.”

AWS is helping Voucherify follow its roadmap towards campaign automation and tighter targeting capabilities based on consumer behavior. Voucherify can now offer its clients increasingly sophisticated, rules-based loyalty benefits. For example, Voucherify clients can select customers who have been members of a particular program for a certain number of years. Or, promote special offers to those that have bought related products in the past, or at a certain time of year, or in a specific region.

AWS ran graph database workshops to educate and train the Voucherify team. New possibilities and ideas opened up following the training. The company learned how to generate new insights and build a 360-degree view of end users to help make future service improvements. “We’re looking at the future,” says Pindel. “More A/B testing, personalization, sophistication, and automation. We’re excited by the possibilities.”

Moving to AWS has opened Voucherify’s products to ISO 27001 certificate and enterprise-grade features without spikes in the IT costs. Additionally, the migration allowed for better resource utilization, reducing IT costs by 30 percent.

About Voucherify

Founded by three IT professionals in 2013, Poland-based Voucherify provides an API-first engine promotion software that gives marketers and developers the tools to implement, manage, and track targeted promotional campaigns at any scale.

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