AWS Storage Gateway

Provide on-premises applications with access to virtually unlimited cloud storage

Deliver low-latency data access to on-premises applications while leveraging the agility, economics and security capabilities of AWS in the cloud.

Provide on-premises applications access to cloud-backed storage without disruption to your business by maintaining user and application workflows.

Offer virtually unlimited cloud storage to users and applications without deploying new storage hardware.

Support your compliance efforts with key capabilities like encryption, audit logging, and write-once, read-many (WORM) storage.

How it works

AWS Storage Gateway is a set of hybrid cloud storage services that provide on-premises access to virtually unlimited cloud storage.

Diagram that shows how to access cloud storage with AWS Storage Gateway. Described at the link "Enlarge and read image description."

Use cases

Hybrid cloud workflows store

File data as objects using data generated by on-premises applications for processing by AWS services such as machine learning or big data analytics.

Migrate application data to EBS

Use a snapshot of your on-premises volumes to recreate the data on EBS and use with Amazon EC2-based applications.

Back up data to the cloud

Provide cloud-based backup for on-premises files and database applications for low-cost, virtually unlimited scale.



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