Cloud computing gives you a number of advantages, such as the ability to scale your web application or website on demand. Join us in this session to understand best practices for scaling your resources from zero to millions of users. We show you how to take your first steps on the AWS Cloud, explain how to make smarter decisions for architecting your application, and demonstrate the best way to scale your infrastructure.

Ralf Capel, Account Manager, Amazon Web Services

Nathan Besh, Enterprise Support Manager, Amazon Web Services


Learn how a large business embraced a start-up mentality and have used AWS to release new products to market faster. In this session, we will dive into how this traditional enterprise transformed their strategic planning & delivery process to dramatically shorten the time it takes to ideate, develop & deploy new technologies. This session will feature an Agile expert, who will provide the methodology, challenges faced, and the benefits achieved using a real world customer example.

Andrew Ziogas, Account Manager, Amazon Web Services

Brad Bennett, Enterprise Agile Coach, Epic Agile

Greg Collins, Head of Development, Australian Unity


Currently, a breadth of AWS training options are available across Australia and New Zealand led by AWS and through community-driven training platforms. In this session, we dive into the different training resources available and discuss how these solutions complement one another to help you become an AWS expert.

Jon Janes, Account Manager, Amazon Web Services

Frances Grunberg, Sr. Technical Trainer, Amazon Web Services


Cloud-based technologies have unequivocally changed the way digital companies operate, helping them bring ideas and products to market quicker. In this session we will explore the range of digital workloads customers are building on AWS, from simple website hosting all the way to more advanced workloads such as big data and analytics. Attendees should leave this session with an understanding of how businesses are driving key innovations and insights to their customers through these common workloads and be able to apply these learnings within their own organisations. 

Niall Reilly, Account Manager, Amazon Web Services

Amy Romano, Account Manager, Amazon Web Services


Did you know that AWS enables builders to architect solutions for price? Beyond the typical challenges of function, performance, and scale, you can make your application cost effective. Using different architectural patterns and AWS services in concert can dramatically reduce the cost of systems operation and per-transaction costs. Attendees will walk away with a new perspective on how they can build systems on AWS economically and effectively.

Simon Elisha - Solution Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services


Amazon AppStream & Amazon Workspaces provide users with instant access to their applications from anywhere, on any connected device. Delivering desktop apps from the cloud allows enterprises to manage user access easily and keep apps current; ISVs can reach more users across more devices. In this session, we cover best practices for creating SaaS-like delivery models in your oroganisation for traditional desktop applications.

David Manu, Head of Workspaces & Productivity, Amazon Web Services

Emma Whitty, Vice President of IT, Clough


Migration of enterprise applications to a cloud-based infrastructure will impact and change the daily operations of multiple teams and business functions across your organisation. Early engagement and education around these changes is critical in order to ensure organisation-wide support for your cloud migration program. This session will identify common questions seen from business stakeholders and provide advice on how to address them. Topics include pricing constructs, contractual terms, purchasing and service consumption, invoicing, security, and operating models.

Shane Cracknell, Senior Account Manager, Amazon Web Services