Climate Next

Technologies for Sustainability

In this new spotlight series from AWS, you’ll journey around the world and hear from AWS customers using cloud-based technology and scalable solutions to address climate change and empower communities to make a positive difference in the world.

Technologists’ role in mitigating Climate Change

Join Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels as he kicks off Climate Next, highlighting the importance of putting AWS technologies to work to solve these complex, human problems.


Zanzibar: The Essential Mangrove

How Tanzanian communities are using satellite imagery data to restore mangroves

Mangroves play an essential role in protecting communities from the impacts of climate change. Discover how student-led YouthMappers and Digital Earth Africa enable African communities to track continental changes in unprecedented detail by making Earth observation (EO) data more easily accessible in the cloud.

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Santa Fe: The Road to Zero Waste

How a forward-thinking city is implementing more efficient waste management

Our natural resources are in short supply, and the current recycling and waste management method in the US is not sustainable. See how the city of Santa Fe has teamed up with Rubicon to create a dynamic cloud-based solution to transform waste management.

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London: Driving Toward Cheaper, Cleaner Power

How Octopus Energy is using technology to deliver renewable energy to consumers

Burning fossil fuels releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, resulting in extreme weather conditions and a warmer planet. Explore how Octopus Energy uses their smart grid technology to provide access to cheaper electricity and renewable energy.

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Los Angeles: Plant a Tree, Grow a Community

How The Nature Conservancy uses geospatial data to empower community partners and support nature-based climate solutions

Nature-based climate solutions like tree planting can help curb climate change through air pollution reduction and carbon sequestration, but tree cover is often inequitably distributed in many cities, with a bias against lower income communities. Using cloud technology, The Nature Conservancy is closing the tree canopy gap in underserved communities.

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AWS enables sustainability solutions