Sustainability Use Cases

Organizations are implementing sustainability practices across their operations. AWS Professional Services is here to help with a range of sustainability initiatives including the following use cases.

Carbon measurement and reporting

Transform business processes across the supply chain into a carbon equivalent to accurately benchmark, manage, and report on sustainability progress.

Sustainable building management

Understand the carbon emissions from your building operations to identify areas for energy efficiencies and carbon reduction.

Sustainable packaging

Decrease packaging waste, transportation cost, and carbon emissions using data analytics and machine learning.

Sustainable IT

Measure, predict, and reduce the carbon emissions associated with IT infrastructure and cloud workloads. 

Learn how customers are innovating with AWS services to achieve their sustainability goals and transform their industries.

Power and Utilities

Octopus Energy
Ambitious policies have pushed utilities to find ways to decarbonize the electricity grid, driving decentralization and digitalization.


The agriculture industry is leveraging technology to address water conservation, land use, crop protection and carbon emissions.

Consumer Packaged Goods


Consumer packaged goods companies continue to modernize their businesses with technology to address sustainability.

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