AWS Systems Manager

Manage your resources on AWS and in multicloud and hybrid environments

Benefits of AWS Systems Manager

Improve visibility and control in the cloud, on premises, and at the edge.
Shorten the time to detect and resolve operational issues.
Maintain instance compliance against your patch, configuration, and custom policies.
Automate configuration and ongoing management of your applications and resources.


AWS Systems Manager is the operations hub for your AWS applications and resources, and is broken into four core feature groups.

Use cases

Aggregate data in a single console and gain actionable insights across AWS services such as Amazon CloudWatchAWS CloudTrail, and AWS Config, as well as third-party tools.

Leverage operational data to easily manage applications and identify issues quickly across associated AWS resource groups.

Automate processes such as patching and resource changes across AWS, on premises, and other clouds. Quickly diagnose and remediate operational issues before they affect users.

Adapt your security and compliance profile and analyze security events after the fact to prevent a future reoccurrence.

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