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NICE EnginFrame

Integrate on-premises and AWS high performance computing environments

Access elastic high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure with AWS's virtually unlimited capacity for faster results.

Simplify your workflow by using the same process to submit jobs to either your on-premises infrastructure or dynamic AWS infrastructure.

Save time and effort by integrating with AWS ParallelCluster to use cloud-native services like Amazon FSx for Lustre.

Use EnginFrame’s easy-to-use interface to easily get started running your HPC workloads in the cloud.

How it works

NICE EnginFrame is a unified interface to submit jobs for both on-premises and cloud workflows.

Use cases

Build Designs Faster

Increase your access to compute resources to reduce wall-clock time for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations.

Accelerate Drug Discovery

Access Amazon EC2 instances with low latency, high bandwidth networking to maximize application performance for workloads like molecular dynamics and computational chemistry.

Uncover Genomic Insights

Run your genomics workloads in parallel on-premises and in the cloud to rapidly move from genomic data to insight.

How to get started

Get Started with NICE EnginFrame

Get started by downloading and installing NICE EnginFrame on-premises or on AWS today.

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Learn by doing

Learn how to create HPC clusters, set up high performance file storage, and use remote visualization on AWS.

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