AWS Elemental MediaConvert Features

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video processing service that allows video providers with any size content library to easily and reliably transcode on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery. Used as a standalone service or integrated with other AWS Media Services, AWS Elemental MediaConvert lets you build flexible file-based video workflows with full control over video quality and predictable pay-as-you-go billing.

Key features

Broadcast Capabilities for Video-on-Demand Content

Configure a broadcast-grade video-on-demand experience

Built with technology from AWS Elemental that has been proven over many years by leading broadcast and internet video providers, AWS Elemental MediaConvert gives you a comprehensive set of features to create engaging viewing experiences, including graphic overlays, content protection, multi-language audio, closed captioning support, and professional broadcast formats.

Comprehensive Input and Output Support

Create streams using standard video formats

AWS Elemental MediaConvert supports a broad range of video input and output formats, including those for broadcast as well as formats for delivery over the internet. The service supports the AVC, HEVC, AV1, Apple ProRes, and MPEG-2 compression standards, including support for advanced color sampling (10-bit 4:2:2). It supports a broad range of adaptive bitrate packaging formats including CMAF, Apple HLS, DASH ISO, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. AWS Elemental MediaConvert also supports processing and conversion of 4K and 8K resolution sources, and high dynamic range (HDR) video content including Dolby Vision.

Automated Resource Provisioning

Automate the work of creating and managing video infrastructure
AWS Elemental MediaConvert eliminates the burden of managing video processing infrastructure by automating the key aspects of workload provisioning and management. Simply use the AWS Management Console or the API to launch video processing workloads configured to your specifications; AWS Elemental MediaConvert handles resource provisioning and optimization, service orchestration, scaling, healing, resiliency failover, monitoring, and reporting. AWS Elemental MediaConvert supports a broad range of video input and output formats, including those for broadcast as well as formats for delivery over the internet. 

Built-in Reliability

Redundancy and automatic scalability for video-on-demand workflows
Each job you create with AWS Elemental MediaConvert runs on redundant infrastructure distributed across physically separated Availability Zones. The service monitors resources for health and automatically replaces any degraded components without disrupting your jobs. AWS Elemental MediaConvert scales elastically to handle peak workloads without reducing turnaround time or performance, automatically provisioning the right compute resources in step with demand for your video content. Incorporating features like error handling is straightforward, allowing you to monitor the entire media workflow and take actions, such as issuing notifications, in real-time.