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Using AI to Gather Customer Insights - VideoPeel

VideoPeel is a video platform that enables brands to collect, manage, and publish consumer testimonials. See how VideoPeel is transforming the traditional ways of consumer research by automating the analysis of user generated content to produce dynamic consumer personas and actionable insights.

Amazon Transcribe customers

Echo360 provides leading video platform technology that helps instructors and students record, stream, manage and share interactive video to improve student engagement before, during and after class.

“The Echo360 platform fosters active and engaging video-based learning that serves today’s student. We’re excited about Amazon Transcribe because it offers our university partners high-quality transcripts for each video, enabling more powerful search, lower cost captioning of educational video content, and enhanced note-taking, making learning assets more valuable and accessible to students.”

Fred Singer, CEO - Echo360

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At GE Appliances, we make life better by designing and building the world's best appliances. From design to production to service, our goal is to help people improve their lives at home.

“GE Appliances processes millions of minutes of customer calls a month. Using Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, and Amazon Polly, we can automate simple tasks such as looking up product information, taking down customer details, and answering common questions before an agent answers. This in turn helps us give back time, the most precious commodity, to our consumers. We added Amazon Transcribe to create call transcripts for automated analysis to continuously improve the process.”

Byron Guernsey, Chief Strategist - GE Appliances

VidMob is a leading video creation platform with a network of professional creatives worldwide who produce the full spectrum of video content for brands and advertisers.

“Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Transcribe allow VidMob to build high-quality machine learning text analysis into our Agile Creative Suite, enabling us to help brand clients understand content performance in ways never before possible. We are able to transcribe text from video content, and quickly analyze it using Comprehend, allowing us to surface actionable insights to both our creator community and our clients, giving them a strategic edge in the market.”

Alex Collmer, CEO - VidMob

Isentia, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is a leading media-intelligence provider for the Asia-Pacific region. The company operates from 18 offices across the region and supports more than 5,000 clients worldwide, including 84 of the world’s top 100 brands. Isentia’s products help customers make more informed and timely business and communication decisions.

“At Isentia, we enable customers to analyze and monitor the media coverage for their brands. We create more than 13K summaries per day from radio and TV content. With Amazon Transcribe, we can transcribe all the audio/video content that we monitor and analyze the text data with Amazon Comprehend. Features like timestamps and punctuation make it very easy for us to search through the data and drill down and present key insights for our customers to review."

Andrea Walsh, CIO - Isentia

VideoPeel is a video platform that enables brands to collect, manage, and publish consumer testimonials.

"We're transforming the traditional ways of consumer research by introducing video and automating the analysis of this video to result in actionable, dynamic consumer personas. Integrating with AI and machine learning technologies from Amazon, such as Amazon Transcribe, Amazon comprehend, and Amazon Rekognition, we're able to take these videos, analyze them, and create profiles of each individual."

Patrick Tedjamulia, Co-founder & CEO - VideoPeel

Replica, an AI startup based in Brisbane, Australia, is developing a platform that allows content creators such as game developers, video creators, and podcasters to create and control synthetic voices with style, expressiveness, and emotion. 

"Replica imagines a future where a user’s own voice could be the voice of the main character in their game, podcast, advertisement, or film. AWS is the engine behind Replica’s cutting-edge generative voice technology. We’re using AWS all the way from R&D to production, leveraging EC2, EFS, SQS, and CloudWatch for core compute support, AMIs as we scale, and Amazon Transcribe to go from audio to text files. Our tech stack enables game developers to place players at the center of fully immersive experiences and create highly personalized stories; podcasters can supercharge their content; and pioneering filmmakers can spearhead a new wave of interactive movies. With AWS is our primary AI/ML solution, we’re excited to be at the forefront of the next generation of content creation."

Keni Mardira, Replica Lead Engineer - Replica

Amazon Transcribe Medical customers

Cerner Corporation

“Extreme accuracy in clinical documentation is critical to workflows and overall caregiver satisfaction. By leveraging Amazon Transcribe Medical's transcription API, Cerner is in initial development of a digital voice scribe that automatically listens to clinician-patient interactions and unobtrusively captures the dialogue in text form. From there, our solution will intelligently translate the concepts for entry into the codified component in the Cerner EHR system.”

Jacob Geers, Solutions Strategist - Cerner Corporation


Amgen, a multinational biopharmaceutical company, is leading the charge to redefine drug safety monitoring. 

“In pharmacovigilance, we want to accurately review recorded calls from patients or Health Care Providers, in order to identify any reported potential side effects associated with medicinal products. Amazon Transcribe Medical produces text transcripts from recorded calls that allow us to extract meaningful insights about medicines and any reported side effects. In this way, we can quickly detect, collect, assess, report, and monitor adverse effects to the benefit of patients globally."

George Seegan, Sr. Data Scientist - Amgen


SoundLines – part of the HealthChannels family of companies – connects intuitive AI technology with clinical expertise. Data is harnessed to provide more personalized care, while improving efficiencies for providers and Care Team Assistants. 

“SoundLines supports HealthChannels' skilled labor force at the point of care by incorporating meaningful and impact focused technology such as Amazon's medically accurate speech-to-text solution, Amazon Transcribe Medical, into the workflows of our network of Care Team Assistants, Medical Scribes and Navigators. This allows the clinicians we serve to focus on patients instead of spending extra cycles on manual note taking. Amazon Transcribe Medical easily integrates into the HealthChannels platform, feeding its transcripts directly into downstream analytics. For the 3,500 healthcare partners relying on our care team optimization strategies for the past 15 years, we've significantly decreased the time and effort required to get to insightful data.”

Vadim Khazan, President of Technology - SoundLines

Suki AI

Founded in 2017, Suki AI is a healthcare startup that has raised $20M to build a medical voice assistant helping physicians improve clinical dictation.

"Clinical documentation is all about medical data workflows, and helping clinicians to capture notes more efficiently is key. We can easily integrate our clinical digital assistant with Amazon Transcribe Medical, allowing physicians to dictate medical notes, thus cutting energy spent on clinical documentation by 76% on average. Their time is better spent focusing on caring for patients, rather than doing data entry work.”

Punit Soni, CEO - Suki AI

Dr. Mike Ujiki, Surgeon

“As the head of surgery, each week I spend upwards of 30% of my time capturing and entering notes of my patient interactions into our EHR system. Although the accurate capture of this information is a crucial part of the patient care process, I would rather spend that time in surgery or caring for more patients. The ability of medically-accurate speech recognition technologies, such as Amazon Transcribe Medical, to decrease the amount of time I spend in note taking and EMR management is definitely interesting to me. Every additional hour I can spend with patients is time that has the potential to save lives.”

Dr. Mike Ujiki, Chief, Division of Gastrointestinal and General Surgery

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