AWS On Air ft. AWS CloudTrail Lake now supports ingestion of activity events from non-AWS sources
AWS CloudTrail: Simplify Security Analysis, Resource Change Tracking, and Troubleshooting (1:30)
Modernize Your Audit Log Management Using AWS CloudTrail Lake (5:21)


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CloudTrail Processing Library

AWS CloudTrail Processing Library is a Java library that makes it easy to build an application that reads and processes CloudTrail log files. CloudTrail Processing Library handles tasks such as continuously polling an Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue, reading and parsing SQS messages, downloading log files stored in Amazon S3, parsing and serializing events in the log file in a fault-tolerant manner. Get CloudTrail Processing Library from GitHub.


Improve Configuration, Compliance, and Auditing with AWS
Resource Inventory Monitoring and Management in the Cloud Using AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail.

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