Amazon FSx for OpenZFS customers


Amdocs uses Amazon FSx for OpenZFS to create high-performance cloud-scale database copies while reducing capacity utilization by 60%.

Amdocs is a leading software & services provider to communications & media companies, providing innovative solutions, intelligent operations & delivery .

Challenge: Amdocs faced operational, cost, and management challenges when creating database copies.Amdocs needed instantaneous, high-performance (>10GB/s of throughput) copies of these databases for creating reports, test/dev, and data warehouse processes. In addition, they needed database copies for production support, performance testing, and other operational tasks.

Solution: Amdocs reduced costs and operational complexity with the simplicity and speed of snapshots/cloning of Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, to create hundreds of Stand-By Databases for downstream reporting, data warehouses, and testing. Amazon FSx for OpenZFS supports Multi-AZ, eliminating the need to implement database-level replication for the downstream database copies. FSx for OpenZFS is designed to deliver the maximum performance even when the data access is coming from a single client, as is the case for relation databases. Amdocs has the ability to configure capacity, throughput, and IOPS independently to optimize cost and pay only for what they use with FSx for OpenZFS. Amazon FSx for OpenZFS built-in compression reduces cost for high-performance databases. Combined with the efficiency of OpenZFS thin snapshots and clones, Amdocs was able do more with less and reduce their overall storage cost.

“Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides us an excellent platform for our cloud deployments, with no compromise on availability and is a cost-effective shared storage solution. The advanced compression features of Amazon FSx for OpenZFS reduced the storage footprint of our relational databases by 60%. Using Amazon FSx for OpenZFS snapshots to create downstream copies of the databases together with compression resulted in an overall data reduction ratio of more than 5x. The in-memory cache and NVMe cache of Amazon FSx for OpenZFS enhances the performance, allowing us to achieve file system read throughputs that exceeded the provisioned value up to 2.25x depending on the workload."
”Nothing is more difficult, than to be able to choose the right technology for a project. We tested many options before we decided, but once we started to use Amazon FSx for OpenZFS we immediately understood that it is the most suitable solution for our needs.

Octavian Paul Rotaru, Principal Architect – Amdocs Technology

Astera Labs eliminates complexity and experiences instantaneous high performance storage in their semiconductor environment with Amazon FSx for OpenZFS.

Astera Labs, Inc. is a leader in purpose-built connectivity solutions that remove performance bottlenecks throughout the data center.

Challenge: Astera Labs’ was using a self-managed OpenZFS NFS server, and was limited by the total amount of storage that its deployed architecture could support. Capacity expansion was a challenge as it hit per instance EBS limits. At the same time, Astera Labs’ resources were needed to manage the storage solution, including backup/restore, which took up time and resources that could be better spent on its core competencies.

Solution: With Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, Astera Labs experienced easy setup, consistent high-performance, and access to virtually unlimited storage capacity. The company is now able to launch filesystems of 100s of terabytes in a matter of seconds, while also gaining increased throughput resulting in faster simulation times, easier backup/restore, and overall ease of management.

"The simplicity, scale, and durability of Amazon FSx for OpenZFS allows us to expand our semiconductor verification and simulation environment. We have eliminated manual configuration, tuning and troubleshooting of self-managed NAS by moving to a fully managed FSx solution on AWS. We are confident that FSx for OpenZFS will help reduce our time to tapeout."

Kalyan Mulam, SVP of ASIC Engineering - Astera Labs

Life is Tech! leverages Amazon FSx for OpenZFS to improve performance by 90% to provide an effective learning environment for over 500,000 middle and high school students.

Life is Tech! is a developer of education platform intended for elementary and junior high school students.

Challenge: Life is Tech! has many small files optimized for each student’s individual learning which requires a storage system with low latency, high performance, and redundancy. The performance and operational burden of file storage had become an issue to support the ever-increasing number of users and learning content.

Solution: By using Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, a fully managed service, it was possible to achieve both stable performance and low operational load even when a lot of students are accessing their own small files.  

“Storage latency due to rapid increase of users was a major issue for us from the self-managed storage on Amazon EC2. Using the fully managed Amazon FSx for OpenZFS we improved performance by 90% and reduced cost by 75%. Our operational load has significantly reduced helping us focus on service improvement tasks. The simplicity of scaling performance and capacity with Amazon FSx for OpenZFS are the foundations for providing an effective learning environment for over 500,000 middle and high school students across Japan.”

Masayoshi Asakura, Life is Tech, Inc. Infrastructure/SRE Group Manager

Rev logo

Rev uses Amazon FSx for OpenZFS to train speech recognition machine learning (ML) models faster, while reducing operational costs by up to 30%.

Rev is a leader in automatic speech recognition artificial intelligence, providing transcription, captioning, and subtitle services to over 170,000+ customers across industries. Rev processes terabytes of audio data using a powerful GPU compute cluster, which relies on high-performance shared file storage.

Challenge: Rev was looking for a fully managed high-performance file storage solution to reduce the operational complexity of managing and maintaining its own NFS file servers.

Solution: Using Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, Rev deploys fully managed, cost-effective NFS-accessible storage that seamlessly replaces its self-managed NFS servers. Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides consistent low-latency storage to accelerate its ML training workloads, providing over 70% more throughput than its self-managed storage while improving visibility with integrated Amazon CloudWatch metrics.

“With our self-managed NFS storage, our data scientists would encounter performance bottlenecks that slowed down their ability to develop and train models, and we often had to manually reconfigure our file servers to adapt to our changing needs. Amazon FSx for OpenZFS addresses these bottlenecks and we can now scale our file system performance with the click of a button. We’ve eliminated the manual work of maintaining our own file servers, while reducing costs by nearly 30%.”

Victor Yap, Senior ML Ops Engineer – Rev

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Hatch uses Amazon FSx for OpenZFS to deliver interactive high-resolution 4K gaming experiences to players and spectators around the world.

Hatch Entertainment is a cloud-native gaming company offering mobile-optimized game streaming technology that enables players to launch high-quality games on demand – no downloads, updates, or installations required.

Challenge: To deliver this user experience, Hatch needed a high-performance, cost-effective shared storage solution to power its 4K cloud gaming technology for players and spectators around the world.

Solution: Amazon FSx for OpenZFS allows Hatch to deliver simple Network File System (NFS) storage for games running on a variety of platforms. FSx for OpenZFS delivers the fast, low-latency access needed to launch these experiences for Hatch gamers on demand. Using AWS DataSync, Hatch replicates their FSx for OpenZFS storage across different AWS Regions to scale its platform to gamers globally.

“Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides the speed and scalability we need to power our cloud-native global hosting solution, while offering the simplicity and reliability of a fully managed service on AWS. Using this service, we reduced the operational burden of managing our own storage infrastructure, enabling us to focus on delivering more innovative gaming technology for our customers.”

Karl Granström, Chief Operating Officer – Hatch

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Vela Games reduces build times for Game Developers by 60% with Amazon FSx for OpenZFS.

Vela Games is a fully independent game studio on a mission to unite gamers around the world through play. They are making engaging, cooperative games that put players first.

Challenge: Vela Games uses BuildGraph, an Unreal Engine tool, to coordinate build jobs and accelerate the build times that were bottlenecking their game development process. To support this process, they needed a simple, high performance shared storage solution to share and persist data assets across a variety of Windows- and Linux-based build jobs.

Solution: With FSx for OpenZFS, Vela Games can deliver high performance, low latency, and fully managed NFS storage to accelerate its mission-critical build jobs. FSx for OpenZFS provides the cross-platform access (Windows/Linux) that Vela needed, while supporting advanced data management capabilities (like point-in-time snapshots and cloning) to enable Vela to further parallelize and accelerate its builds in the future.

"The speed and simplicity of Amazon FSx unlock our ability to use BuildGraph. Using this solution, we can parallelize and reuse assets quickly, which cuts down build time. By using FSx for OpenZFS and BuildGraph, Vela has reduced its total build time from an average of 56 minutes to 24 minutes."

Adam Comerford, Technical Director - Infrastructure & Operations, Vela Games