.NET on AWS Documentation & Developer Guides

Developer Book Preview Chapters

Authors Noah Gift, founder of Pragmatic AI Labs, and James Charlesworth, engineering manager at Pendo, take you through the depth and breadth of .NET development on AWS.

AWS SDK for .NET Documentation

AWS SDK for .NET simplifies use of AWS Services by providing a set of libraries that are consistent and familiar for .NET developers. On this page you'll find an API Reference, Developer Guide, and SDK code examples.

The .NET Developer’s Guide to AWS Documentation
hand lens that magnifies a needle in a haystack; Shutterstock ID 173361524; purchase_order: .NET on AWS social media; job: EC2 CSS Windows team - .NET GTM PMT; Use Case: (internal materials or creative mockup): social media for .NET on AWS developer content

This blog post is a roadmap to AWS documentation and other technical content for .NET developers. It surveys the AWS documentation and explains where to find .NET on AWS technical content.


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