AWS Organizations makes it easy to create policies to manage multiple AWS accounts. You can use Organizations to create groups of accounts, and then attach policies to those groups. Organizations helps you automate the creation and management of new accounts, without requiring custom scripts and manual processes.

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AWS Organizations is available to all AWS customers at no additional charge.

Applying AWS Organizations to Complex Account Structures
Make Your Org

Create groups of AWS accounts with AWS Organizations. 

Define Your Policies

Attach service control policies (SCPs) to those groups to centrally control AWS service use. 

User Permissions

Entities in the AWS accounts can only use the AWS services allowed by both the SCP and the AWS IAM policy for the account.


Using AWS Organizations, you can create groups of AWS accounts. You can create separate groups of accounts to use with development and production resources, and then apply different policies to each group.


AWS Organizations provides you a policy framework for multiple AWS accounts. You can apply policies to a group of accounts or all the accounts in your organization.


With AWS Organizations, you can use service control policies (SCPs) to manage the use of AWS services at an API level. For example, you can apply a policy to a group of accounts to only allow AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users in those accounts to read data from Amazon S3 buckets.


The AWS Organizations APIs help you automate the creation and management of new AWS accounts. Using the Organizations APIs, you can create and add new accounts to a group. Policies attached to a group are automatically applied to accounts added to the group.


AWS Organizations enables you to set up a single payment method for all the AWS accounts in your organization through consolidated billing. With consolidated billing, you can see a combined view of charges incurred by all your accounts, as well as take advantage of pricing benefits from aggregated usage, such as volume discounts for Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.


AWS Organizations allows you to create new organizations with only the consolidated billing features enabled. This enables you to set up a single payment method across your AWS accounts, roll up account activity from multiple accounts into a single invoice, and track costs centrally. Advanced policy controls such as Service Control Policies (SCPs) are not enabled.