Posted On: Mar 22, 2018

AWS CodePipeline can now execute pipelines in response to push-based triggers from Amazon S3. Previously, if you were using S3 as a source action, CodePipeline checked periodically to see if there was a change. Now, S3 will send an Amazon CloudWatch Event when a change is made to your S3 object that triggers a pipeline execution in CodePipeline.  

Any S3-based pipeline created from the AWS CodePipeline console will use an Amazon CloudWatch Event to trigger a pipeline by default, and any edits to an existing S3-based pipeline in the console will migrate your pipeline to use CloudWatch Events. You can also choose not to use push support by changing the detection option in CodePipeline. If you are creating or updating a S3-based pipeline using the AWS Command Line Interface, CodePipeline API, or AWS CloudFormation, you will need to take action if you want to take advantage of these new capabilities. Please visit here for more information about migrating to CloudWatch Events.

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