Posted On: Apr 28, 2020

Genomics Secondary Analysis Using AWS Step Functions and AWS Batch is an AWS Solution that creates a scalable environment on AWS to develop, build, deploy, and run genomics secondary analysis pipelines – e.g., processing raw whole genome sequences into variant calls. Customers can deploy this solution for their genomics analysis and research projects.

The solution deploys from AWS CloudFormation and builds Docker containers for pipeline tooling, provisions AWS Batch resources for job execution, and uses AWS Step Functions to orchestrate jobs into cohesive workflows. It utilizes AWS CodeCommit and AWS CodePipeline for continuous integration and continuous delivery for the genomics workflows and the infrastructure that supports their execution. It also includes an Amazon CloudWatch operational dashboard to monitor status and performance for pipelines and tools. To learn more about Genomics Secondary Analysis Using AWS Step Functions and AWS Batch, see the solution webpage.

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