Posted On: Sep 16, 2021

Starting today, customers can view their registered applications on AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry in their ServiceNow CMDB leveraging the AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow. Organizations are creating, migrating, and managing applications on AWS that are associated with multiple AWS resources. Customers define applications within AppRegistry by providing a name, description, and associations to the AWS CloudFormation stacks and application metadata that constitute their application. With this integration, customers can view AWS applications in their ServiceNow system of record and operational tooling. Customers can then relate ITSM process such as change requests, incidents/problem at the Application level in ServiceNow. This will allow for streamlined impact analysis and operational investigation of AWS applications.

This new version enables customers to configure, request and provision AWS Service Catalog products via ServiceNow order guides enabling customers to bundle multiple AWS services/stacks into a single service request. The connector also includes enhancements to AWS resource relationships from AWS Config into the ServiceNow CMDB. The connector provides existing integration features for AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter, AWS Systems Manager Automation and AWS Security Hub, which simplifies cloud provisioning, operations and resource management for ServiceNow administrators.

The AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow is available at no charge in the ServiceNow Store. These new features are generally available in all AWS Regions where AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager and AWS Security Hub services are available. For more information, please visit the documentation on the AWS Service Management Connector. You can also learn more about AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager and AWS Security Hub.