Posted On: Oct 26, 2022

AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS) now supports network connectivity disruption as a new FIS action type. Using the new disrupt connectivity action in AWS FIS, you can inject a variety of connectivity issues as part of an AWS FIS experiment. Supported connectivity issues include disrupting all traffic, or, limiting the disruption to traffic to/from a specific Availability Zone, VPC, custom prefix list, or service (including Amazon S3 and DynamoDB). This helps you validate that your applications are resilient to a total or partial loss of connectivity.

AWS FIS is a managed service for running controlled fault injection experiments on AWS. To get started using this new FIS action type, log in to AWS FIS in the AWS Management Console and create a new experiment template. Next, select the aws:network:disrupt-connectivity action type and provide the type of connectivity issue and duration of time for connectivity to be disrupted. Then, specify the subnet(s) you want to affect. To ensure the experiment remains controlled, you can also specify Amazon CloudWatch alarms to automatically stop the experiment if a predefined threshold is met.

To learn more, visit Network Actions in the AWS FIS User Guide. The AWS FIS disrupt connectivity action is available now in all AWS Regions where AWS FIS is available.