Posted On: Mar 2, 2023

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) now supports Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments in AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad and Melbourne) regions. Blue/Green Deployments help you with safer, simpler, and faster updates to your Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS databases. 

Blue/Green Deployments create a fully managed staging environment that allows you to deploy and test production changes, keeping your current production database safe. With a single click, you can promote the staging environment to be the new production system in as fast as a minute, with no changes to your application and no data loss. 

Use Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments for deploying changes to production, such as major and minor version database engine upgrades, schema updates, maintenance updates, database parameter setting changes, and scaling instances. Blue/Green Deployments use built-in switchover guardrails that will time-out promotion of the staging environment if it exceeds your maximum tolerable downtime, detects replication errors, or identifies instance health check errors. 

Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments is now available for Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility 5.6 and higher, Amazon RDS for MySQL 5.7 and higher, and Amazon RDS for MariaDB 10.3 and higher. In a few clicks, update your databases using Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments via the Amazon RDS Console. Learn more about Blue/Green Deployments on the Amazon RDS features page and AWS News Blog.