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Create a connected message broker

Learn how to set up an Amazon MQ message broker and connect a Java application without rewriting your code.

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Customer testimonials

Skip the dishes

SkipTheDishes connects people to local restaurants and food couriers by facilitating food ordering, payment, and delivery through its website and mobile app. SkipTheDishes hosts its microservices architecture on Amazon ECS and needed a latency-intolerant event-messaging service. The company selected and began using Amazon MQ in July 2018 to address this need. Each application within the company’s architecture uses one or more data stores such as Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache or Amazon DynamoDB, and each needs to have the most up-to-date information to avoid inconsistency. Amazon MQ ensures this happens in near real-time.

“Our existing messaging system was difficult to maintain without experts in the maintenance of the servers and client libraries. Amazon MQ provides less than 100-millisecond latency for thousands of persistent events so applications spread across our system have the most recent information possible. Amazon MQ also allows us to focus on the client and application code instead of maintenance of the servers." 
Braden Schmidt, Principal Architect, SkipTheDishes


Malmberg develops learning methods for primary and secondary vocational education, delivered through digital learning platforms, which are hosted on AWS. After experiencing stability issues with their cluster of self-managed RabbitMQ message brokers, Malmberg began exploring message broker options and adopted Amazon MQ in early 2018. The move to Amazon MQ not only resolved their stability problems, but simplified their infrastructure by migrating their messaging to the cloud.

“With Amazon MQ we now have a maintainable and stable messaging setup, which is really valuable for the teams maintaining the infrastructure and the software solutions running on it.”
Edwin Derks, Enterprise Architect, Malmberg – A Sanoma Company. offers an integrated marketing platform that provides a complete virtual dealership experience for the automotive industry. Faced with the stability issues of their on-premises message broker, the company began looking for a stable broker that would require minimal maintenance time. After adopting Amazon MQ in early 2018, has seen a significant decline in their production incidents, and reduced the operational load of broker management. The move to Amazon MQ is also part of their vision to migrate their entire application to the cloud.

“With Amazon MQ we now have a clear path toward an iterative cloud migration that would have been a challenge with an on-prem solution. Migrating consumers and producers individually will be easier given that the queues are already in AWS.
Kevin Thorley, Enterprise Architect,

Bench Accounting

Bench Accounting is North America’s largest bookkeeping service. Bench supports small businesses by pairing an intuitive software platform with a team of dedicated bookkeepers. The company had been using ActiveMQ for communication among 13 services, which were spread over 25 Kubernetes pods. They were looking for a way to improve the resilience of their message brokers, and reduce the risk of message loss in the event of a failover. Bench Accounting selected Amazon MQ, going into production in late 2018. Since then they have benefitted from reduced infrastructure complexity and broker maintenance. They have also improved their ability to monitor performance through integration with Amazon CloudWatch, and increased their overall security by using the consistent security model enforced by Amazon MQ. Learn more about how Bench migrated to Amazon MQ>>

“We can sleep better at night knowing that our messaging infrastructure is able to handle issues. Amazon MQ has improved the resilience of our broker, while reducing the time we spend on maintenance,”
Phil Whelan, Platform Team Lead, Bench Accounting


Bondlinc is a fintech company focused on simplifying bond trading for private banks, securities firms and asset managers. Using technology, the company implements industry best practices to drive workflow efficiencies that encompass communication, execution and compliance. Through Bondlinc's web-based trading portal, relationship managers and their assistants can monitor their client trade flows, and chat and distribute ideas, all within a self-contained ecosystem within the bank's own infrastructure. The company selected Amazon MQ as the messaging system for their trading platform, for ease of use without the additional overhead involved in building infrastructure and managing the platform.

“With Amazon MQ, we do not have to worry about managing the platform and can just focus on our business requirements. Not only has Amazon MQ reduced the overhead to manage the platform, but also we benefit from ease of integration with the AWS portfolio of services,”
Jaisvar Viswa Ramamurthy, CTO, Bondlinc

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