AWS re:Invent 2017: Amazon MQ Launch Interview
AWS re:Invent 2017: ENT228 Introducing Amazon MQ

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Running ActiveMQ in a Hybrid Cloud Environment with Amazon MQ
Greg Share, AWS Solutions Architect, Feb 19, 2018

This post shows you can use Amazon MQ to integrate on-premises and cloud environments using the network of brokers feature of ActiveMQ. It provides configuration parameters for a one-way duplex connection for the flow of messages from an on-premises ActiveMQ message broker to Amazon MQ. >>Read blog


This post demonstrates one approach to invoking AWS Lambda from queues and topics managed by Amazon MQ brokers. This and other similar patterns can be useful in integrating legacy systems with serverless architectures. You could also integrate systems already migrated to the cloud that use common APIs such as JMS. >>Read blog

Jeff Barr, AWS Evangelist, Nov 28, 2017

This post provides an introduction to Amazon MQ and shows how to create and launch a message broker in a few quick steps. >>Read blog

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