Learn how customers leverage Amplify tools and services to enable mobile and front-end web development. Developers at start-ups to enterprises use Amplify to accelerate their development speed while deploying best-in-class backend infrastructure. Customers share how Amplify’s developer-friendly libraries facilitate development of app features such as Authentication flows and secure GraphQL APIs as well as hosting of their serverless backends on AWS.

Neiman Marcus

A well-known name in luxury retail, Neiman Marcus operates 38 US department stores and a premier digital service for customers around the world. It is the flagship brand of the Neiman Marcus Group, founded in 1907. To speed up its app development time, the Neiman Marcus team chose to build on a serverless architecture using AWS Amplify. 

"Using AWS Amplify to build a serverless architecture on AWS, the development team at Neiman Marcus accelerated the launch of our application, reduced development costs, increased agility, and gained the ability to deploy rapid updates. Using AWS Amplify on a serverless architecture cost us 90 percent less than if we had built the app using a more traditional method. This is a huge win for us.”

Hemanth Jayaraman, Senior Director of Cloud Engineering - Neiman Marcus 


The Noom platform combines the science of artificial intelligence, mobile technology, and psychology with human coaches to help people build new, healthy habits, with a focus on weight loss. Over 50 million people worldwide have used Noom to improve their health.

“Using Amplify solves multiple challenges in our development process. The main problem we were trying to solve was to improve the speed to build and deploy new versions of our website. At Noom, on the Growth team, we run on average 8 - 12 A/B tests per week, so we require a robust and simple-to-use deployment pipeline. The Amplify Console provides many features we want without having to build them from scratch which dramatically improves our development speed. The ability to use webhooks to trigger deployments from our custom build management system, coupled with Cypress end-to-end testing to ensure a stable experience for users enables us to iterate at a blindingly fast pace. Amplify Console's excellent and timely support via their GitHub issue tracker allows us to interact directly with the product engineering team to resolve questions.“

Patrick Lee, Senior Engineer Growth Team - Noom


Busby is an outdoor activities safety app covering cycling, scootering, running, walking, and more. The app detects user incidents and sends out automatic alerts in cases of emergency.

“There aren’t many solutions for startups that offer everything you need. AWS Amplify helped us build our MVP and has grown with us. We increase productivity using AWS Amplify. Developers can implement and manage features with ease. GraphQL APIs are instantly built for us; it’s one of my favorite parts of using the solution.”

Kirk Ryan, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder - Busby


Branch aims to disrupt the traditional insurance market by offering bundled home and auto insurance online at a price much lower than existing providers or brokers. Branch provides greater savings by selling direct and passing the savings along to the customer.

“We chose Amplify libraries because we believed it would accelerate our development speed and time to market, it did just that. Amplify libraries, particularly the authentication feature, moved us so much quicker to MVP phase and onboarding customers. Amplify invoked the many steps needed to create an authentication flow so we just didn’t have to think about, the Amplify library did it out of the box. I credit Amplify for getting us to market 6 months faster than if we had not used it. As our business continues to scale, Amplify also allows us to customize AWS services to match our business needs, this has been another important aspect of getting started with Amplify.”

Adithya Reddy, Full Stack Engineer - Branch Insurance

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is a health and fitness company that combines science, coaching and technology to create maximum results for their customers through heart rate based workouts. Orangetheory Fitness helps its customers achieve tangible and data driven health outcomes using insights derived from IoT heart rate devices. As of 2020, Orangetheory Fitness has over one million members.

"We identified Amplify and Amplify Video as the fastest path to integrate video into our application. We estimated that to build and troubleshoot the solution on their own would have taken a full week of dedicated engineering and developer time. In contrast, by using the Amplify CLI and the video plugin code repository, we transcoded the video, generated signed urls, and deployed it to our development environment and then into production – all within an hour. We didn’t require any changes to our native iOS/Android code, we simply replaced the backend and Amplify did the work. Our team was able to solve for this complex challenge to keep our customers motivated and working out. We were very pleased to have found AWS Amplify and Amplify Video."

Pedro González, Enterprise Solutions Architect - Orangetheory Fitness

Orange County United Way

Orange County United Way is a stand-alone, independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission “to improve lives in Orange County by delivering measurable long-term solutions to complex issues in education, financial stability, health and housing.” The money raised goes back into one of the Community Impact programs in Orange County, California.

"Our new AssistOC application is built with AWS Amplify and was put into production in just three weeks -- the speed was critical in helping us assist those in need. Amplify simplifies the process to get started while leveraging underlying AWS services such as Authentication ‘out of the box’ using Amazon Cognito. Our team could quickly deploy and feel confident that it’s secure, reliable and scalable."

Chris Ticknor, Chief Transformation Officer - Orange County United Way

Credit Genie

Credit Genie is a FinTech startup that leverages data and analytics to help borrowers escape the personal debt trap by optimizing their debt to manageable levels.

“We found Amplify and played around with it on a weekend, and thought ‘wait a second, you can go from File, New Project to a real production-grade system in minutes.’ From certificate management, hosting, and CloudFront automation — all the pieces were there.” As a fintech startup that stores customer financial data, Amplify also provides critical data protection. Having been at PayPal previously, Kates feels confident using Amplify because Dynamo DB and S3 are backed by AWS Key Management Service (KMS) which is backed by AWS CloudHSM (HSM) that have been validated under FIPS 140-2. Kates states “We’re able to use these services because they’re FIPS compliant so the financial information is encrypted at rest and in transit with Amplify’s SSL management. You would normally have a team of multiple infosec engineers managing these security concerns alone.”

Alex Kates, Software Architect – Credit Genie


HyperTrack is a self-serve cloud platform for live location tracking through apps. Tens of thousands of developers from various industries and regions use the managed service to track the real-time movement of their assets without building or managing their own infrastructure.

“HyperTrack is a managed service for live location tracking. Developers across industries and countries build location-aware applications with HyperTrack, and count on us to power real-time experiences. Amplify and AppSync are a core part of streaming hundreds of millions of live location events between apps in real-time. Amplify and AppSync accelerated time to market for HyperTrack, and saved us months of engineering effort.”

Alexander Kishinevsky, Vice President of Engineering - HyperTrack

All of Us

All of Us, the first trading platform designed to create friendly competition. All of Us is being used for stock trading leagues, leaderboards, and even portfolio sharing.

“As an innovative investment platform, our members expect a seamless user experience across mobile and web that is highly responsive, secure and reliable. As a startup, we needed to balance these requirements alongside a cost-effective solution with dev tools to expedite our development and automatically scale to meet our customer onboarding requirements. AWS Amplify and the authentication feature (powered by Cognito) are the perfect solution. The seamless integration between the two allowed us to very quickly setup a single-sign-on and onboarding proof of concept at a low development cost. The automated configuration with our CI/CD tools allows us to support continuous development and the serverless platform means we need less resources. Even better, they offer an amazing consumption-based pricing model that makes it the best deal on the market.”

Iain Clarke, Chief Information Officer - All of Us


Fast-growing educational technology startup Knowt developed an app to change the way students and teachers study and create assessments. The Knowt team turned to AWS services to help them innovate in the cloud faster, build and scale their serverless architecture, and streamline their development process.

"By using AWS Amplify and GraphQL APIs on AWS AppSync, we streamlined the whole development process. Using these AWS services has made building in the cloud very simple.”

Abhi Patel, Chief Operating Officer - Knowt

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

The global streaming music platform uses AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync to enable millions of users to sync their music playlist and access it offline from their web and mobile apps at scale.

“Amazon Music has had a number of unique requirements regarding how we integrated with AWS Amplify. On the one hand, we wanted to leverage Amplify client-side for the offline and real-time data sync capabilities, but on our backend, we wanted more control over the generated assets. In particular, we wanted to have the Amplify-generated AWS assets live harmoniously with our existing stack(s).  The new Amplify export feature allows us to do just that. By providing the ability to generate and export the CFN configuration and also providing a CDK construct to import it directly into our existing stacks, we can confidently bridge the gap between Amplify and strongly-owned configuration within our team, have them deploy together and greatly simplify our build/deployment stack. Further, Amplify’s command hooks feature allows us even greater control into the build lifecycle by providing a native way to do things like enforce Amplify CLI version consistency across our development team.”

Benjamin La Schiazza, Sr. Software Dev. Engineer - Amazon Music

State Auto

State Auto, the property and casualty insurer operating in 33 US states, provides insurance products covering personal, commercial, farm and ranch, and workers’ compensation risks. In 2019, the company decided to create a cloud-native version of its traditional technology stack using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and built a web application that fosters a culture of innovation and improves the user experience for insurance agents and their customers using AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync. The modernized application changes how agents use, view, and interact with data.

“We’ve given agents another tool that is better, faster, simpler, and more intuitive to use... they can build an intimate relationship with their customers in a more comfortable way.”

Mark Skaggs, Information Technology Director of Platform Engineering - State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company

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