Amazon AppFlow offers significant cost-savings advantage compared to building connectors in-house or using other application integration services. There are no upfront charges or fees to use AppFlow, and customers only pay for the number of flows they run and the volume of data processed.

Pricing table

You pay for every successful flow run. A flow run is a call to the source application to transfer data to a destination. Flow runs to check for new data will count towards your flow run costs, even if no new data is available in the source system for transfer.

Data processing charges:

Additional charges:

You will be charged standard request and storage to read and write from AWS services such as Amazon S3. You will also be charged by AWS Key Management Service for AppFlow’s use of Customer Master Keys (CMKs) for encrypting your access tokens and data in transit. Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax.

Pricing Example

Example 1: If you set up a flow in US-East (N. Virginia) that processes 10,000 records between Salesforce and Amazon Redshift daily for a month with each transfer updating 10 records and processing 10KB of data, then the number of flow runs is the number transfers = 1000. The flow run charges for this operation is 1000 x $ 0.001 = $ 1 a day. The volume of data processed per flow run is 10 KB. Therefore the data processing costs are (1000) x (10 KB)/ (1 GB) $ 0.02 = $ 0.0002. The total daily cost for this flow is $1.0002 and the monthly cost is $30.01.

Example 2: If you set up a flow in Europe (Frankfurt) that processes 10 GB of data from Amazon S3 to Snowflake that is hosted on AWS twice every week, then the monthly flow run charges are $0.001 x 8 = $ 0.008. The data processing charge for every flow run is 10 GB / (1 GB) x $0.02 = $0.20. The monthly data processing charge is $ 1.60 and the total cost is $1.61.

1. Flow runs resulting from erroneous flow configurations are considered successful flow runs. Failures are limited to failures of the service in executing valid flows. Every flow run set up to check for new data will count towards your flow run costs, even if no new data is available in the source system for transfer.
2. The maximum number of flows per AWS account per month is soft limit and can be increased. Please contact AWS support.

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