Bloomberg Market Data Feed (B-PIPE)

Tap into a universe of financial market data

The Bloomberg Market Data Feed (B-PIPE) is a managed service providing programmatic access to Bloomberg’s complete catalog of content (all the same asset classes as the Bloomberg Terminal). Network connectivity with Bloomberg B-PIPE leverages AWS PrivateLink, exposing the services a set of local IP addresses within the customer's subnet and eliminating DNS issues. B-PIPE services are presented via network load-balancers to further simplify the architecture.

Customers do not have to install any Bloomberg equipment or circuits to connect. They can thereby rationalize costs and reduce installation time from months to minutes.

Bloomberg is an AWS Partner offering software solutions.

Solution highlights

B-PIPE on AWS provides unfettered access to the entire Bloomberg universe of content via API.

Easy access to data: Connecting to Bloomberg via AWS PrivateLink is an easier, faster alternative to on-premises deployment, which requires customers to install two Bloomberg circuits, servers, and switches in their hosting site, consuming rack space and network ports and spending weeks or months to ship, install, and configure

Breadth of available data: Consolidates data from more than 330 exchanges and 5,000 pricing contributors globally (35 million instruments across all asset classes, including Equity, Foreign Exchange & Money Markets, Fixed Income, Commodities, and Derivatives), normalizes the data in Bloomberg data centers, and delivers it to client applications via a common API

Achieve scalability: Infrastructure in more than 110 countries delivers more than 80 billion ticks per day to more than 15,000 customer locations

Improve resiliency: The B-PIPE solution is designed for high resiliency and availability, residing in a Bloomberg VPC spanning 3 Availability Zones (AZs), each hosting a fleet of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances running Bloomberg’s data distribution servers

Bloomberg Architecture Diagram

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