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Getting Started Resources

Easily launch an instance (or virtual server) with just a few clicks.

Launch a fully configured MySQL or PostgreSQL database in minutes.

Distribute traffic across multiple instances to handle variations.

Scale your storage quickly with SSD-backed storage.

Use the simple and flexible Lightsail API to extend your application.

Extend the capabilities of your project with other AWS services.

Overview Videos

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Amazon Lightsail Tutorial: Launch a Linux Instance
Deploying a WordPress Instance on Amazon Lightsail

Windows Server

Lightsail might just be the easiest way to get your Windows Server up and running. Choose from Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 with SQL Express. Install Windows-based software or applications easily and access your instance with one-click RDP access. You can also track metrics, create snapshots, manage DNS records and static IPs associated with your Windows instance.

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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to run websites, blogs, online stores, and more. With Lightsail, you can install WordPress on your own VPS with just a few clicks. Lightsail WordPress instances are launched preconfigured and optimized for fast performance and security, making it easy to get your WordPress site up and running in no time. 

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Plesk is a leading control panel that allows you to easily manage web hosting environments, simplifying common tasks like setting up new website, email accounts, and DNS on your instance, securing your application, and managing multiple sites from a single location.

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Amazon Small Business Academy Presents: Introduction to Website Building with Lightsail

Learn how your small business can get started on its online web presence journey for a low predictable price in this webinar. You will learn benefits of creating an online web presence, simple steps to follow to kick start your journey, and how to optimize your web presence for a great customer experience.

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