Quantum Technologies at AWS

Explore quantum technologies through robust hardware options, programming tools, and expert guidance

Quantum computing uses a type of specialized processor, based on quantum mechanics, that can have an exponential advantage over conventional computing for some problems. Approaches combining quantum and conventional computing will provide novel solutions to areas such as simulations of physical systems, optimization, and machine learning. AWS offers a range of services to help explore how quantum computing can impact your business, from building experiments on quantum hardware fully-integrated with the AWS cloud to collaborating on industry-relevant research with our team of experts.


Maximize choice and flexibility

Engage the broadest range of cloud-based quantum processors and hardware technologies to design and test your quantum algorithms. Compare your results with simulations on fully managed on-demand simulators or embed your own circuit simulator on AWS.

Innovate with quantum experts

Collaborate with AWS researchers to solve demanding compute problems using the latest quantum, AI, ML, and HPC solutions. Receive trusted guidance from scientists with experience using quantum algorithms to solve problems in areas such as optimization of robot motion, portfolio management, price optimization, and anomaly detection.

Accelerate quantum experimentation

Innovate faster by combining AWS computing resources with quantum hardware. Explore algorithms that use both quantum and conventional compute with Hybrid Jobs, run your circuits as you wrote them without intervening compiler passes using verbatim compilation, and program at the lower-level language of the quantum device.

AWS High Performance Computing

Run your large, complex simulations and deep learning workloads in the cloud with a complete suite of high performance computing products and services on AWS. Gain insights faster, and quickly move from idea to market with virtually unlimited compute capacity, a high-performance file system, and high-throughput networking.

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Use cases for experimentation

Simulate physical systems

Simulating chemical compounds on current computers is difficult due to the large number of energy states that must be modeled. Early quantum computers have shown promise in quantum chemistry by solving the electronic structure of small molecules, which could eventually be used in fields such as drug discovery, battery design (energy), fluid dynamics (aerospace), and material science.

Optimize complex processes

Logistics and manufacturing are two areas where large numbers of inputs quickly overwhelm current computers. Quantum computers will provide value in optimization problems by using quantum algorithms to identify the best solution among a set of feasible options. Example areas include component routing, traffic flow optimization, and supply chain.

Detect pattern anomalies

Quantum computers can be used to identify patterns in data to train machine learning algorithms to extract information that is hidden within a complex network. Examples being explored today are autonomous vehicles and the prevention of fraud through community detection. These techniques could also be used for search and ad optimization or recommendation systems like seen on Prime Video.

BMW Group partnered with the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab to explore challenges where quantum computing could play a role in the automotive industry

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Customer stories

Volkswagen Logo

Volkswagen used Amazon Braket to evaluate the performance of their quantum algorithm for the binary paint shop problem. This algorithm can also be used for optimized scheduling or fraud detection.

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Fidelity Center for Applied Technology Logo

FCAT teamed with the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab and Amazon Braket to explore asset management with cloud-based quantum computers.

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Getting Started with Quantum

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