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A guide to BMW’s Quantum Computing for Automotive Challenges

Post Event Update

We had a great time in Munich with the BMW Group at the Quantum Computing for Automotive Challenges event on July 20-21. Dr. Helmut Katzgraber, Sr. Practice Manager for the AWS Quantum Solutions Lab, reported:

“To date, the application scope of quantum computers for real-world problems remains narrow. This is why identifying industry-relevant use cases that are best suited for quantum computing approaches is of paramount importance. Not only will this allow us to discover new areas where quantum computing could have an impact, but it also gives us valuable information for the development of next-generation quantum computing devices. This event leveraged a crowd-science approach that brings the brightest minds together to find creative solutions to BMW’s production challenges. It is a model that the broader quantum community should focus in an effort to maybe one day solve humanity’s toughest challenges.”

If you were unable to join us live, a collection of videos from this live streamed event is now available on Twitch. For specific sessions, please refer to the direct video links at the bottom of this post.


The BMW Group is hosting the Quantum Computing for Automotive Challenges event July 20-21, showcasing the promise of quantum technologies in the automotive sector. AWS is proud to sponsor this event as one of the first quantum workshops focusing entirely on industrial automotive use-cases for quantum computing. This is your guide to the two-day, hybrid event outside Munich and live streaming on Twitch.


In 2021, the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab collaborated with the BMW Group to conduct a crowd innovation initiative to develop quantum solutions for four specific automotive industry challenges: pre-production vehicle configuration, material deformation in production, vehicle sensor placement, and machine learning for automated quality assessment.

More than 70 teams participated worldwide in the BMW Group Quantum Computing Challenge. Participants were given AWS credits to use on Amazon Braket where they had access to quantum hardware from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti, and also quantum circuit simulators. While there was one winning team for each of the four challenges, this week’s event is a global quantum showcase for all 15 finalists to present their ideas and solutions, followed by keynotes and panel discussions.


Day 1 Wednesday, July 20 8:30 am – 6:00 pm CEST Live streaming only
Day 2 Thursday, July 21 10:00 am – 3:15 pm CEST In-person and live streaming

Day 1 spotlights the results of last year’s BMW Group Quantum Computing Challenge with all finalists presenting remotely.

Day 2 features keynotes and panel discussions live at the BMW Group Startup Garage in Garching, Germany.

AWS Sessions

Panel 3: How can benchmarking support to accelerate the commercialization of Quantum Computing?

This panel discussion features: Dr. Alexandre Krajenbrink (Quantinuum), Dr. Cassia Naudet-Baulieu (BCG), Prof. Robert Wille (TUM), and Dr. Helmut Katzgraber (AWS).

July 21 | 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM CEST

AWS Keynote Address: Dr. Helmut Katzgraber: Search for quantum applications and taking POCs to production

Hear Dr. Helmut Katzgraber, head of the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, talk about how AWS helps customers like BMW accelerate their use of quantum technologies in their products and operations.

July 21 | 2:45 PM – 3:15 PM CEST


To register and watch the event via Twitch, visit the event web site at

Twitch Event Videos On Demand

Collection Link (20 videos in order)

Day 1

  • Welcome: Carsten Sapia, BMW Group (15:42)

Use Case 1: Material deformation in production

Use Case 2: Sensor position optimization

Use Case 3: Automated quality assessment

Use Case 4: Pre-production vehicle configuration

Day 2

  • Keynote: Peter Lehnert, BMW Group (31:22)
  • Panel 1: What are realistic expectations with respect to the current state of Quantum Computing for industrial applications? (52:01)
  • Panel 2: What role can Quantum Computing play in the automotive sector? (50:24)
  • Panel 3: How can benchmarking support to accelerate the commercialization of Quantum Computing? (46:11)
  • Keynote: Dr. Helmut Katzgraber, AWS (22:56)