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Empowering Business Growth through Data Analytics

In the age of data-driven decision-making, the ability to navigate and make sense of data has become a strategic imperative. The potential for informed decision-making, innovation, and sustainable growth is vast, but they require a keen understanding of how to harness the power of data analytics effectively.  

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Empowering Data Driven Success

AWS for Digital Transformation and Innovation Leadership

Data isn't just a collection of numbers; it's your organisation's most valuable asset in the realm of digital transformation. It allows your business to innovate, from predicting customer trends, optimising supply chains, personalising user experiences, and even developing groundbreaking products, all through the lens of data.

Transitioning to a data-driven culture is more than adopting new tools - it's an organisational change that permeates every corner of your business. Some of the essential steps to fostering a data-driven culture and effective leadership include aligning stakeholders to establishing data governance practices and empowering your team to make decisions based on insights, ensuring that every action is backed by data

Scaling data and infrastructure to meet the demands of today and tomorrow is imperative for any organisation looking to thrive in a data-driven landscape. As your business expands, so does the data it generates. Thus, the ability to seamlessly store, process, and derive insights from this data through effective data analytics isn't just valuable, it’s a necessity. If you're looking to effectively address the data challenges of today while maintaining readiness for the intricacies of tomorrow, ensuring scalability is a vital strategy.

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The Becoming Data Driven whitepaper is our latest resource, designed to guide businesses on a transformative journey towards building a data-driven culture, all while harnessing the capabilities of AWS.

Download this whitepaper to dive deep into real-world examples, showcasing how industry leaders such as Admiral Money have harnessed their data to create impactful outcomes and drive innovation.


Accelerate data-driven design with AWS

Enable your teams to move faster & control where data sits by accelerating your business’s end-to-end strategy.

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Need for Speed – Agile Leadership, Under Pressure

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The fundamentals of Data Analytics

What is a Modern Data Strategy?

Data Strategy Unravelled aims to guide organisations towards becoming genuinely data-driven entities and achieving leadership in their industries. The series features insightful interviews with seasoned professionals hailing from both business and technical backgrounds. In this episode, Khendr’a Reid, Principal Data Strategy Specialist at AWS and Kelli Such, Americas Data Strategy Leader at AWS, delve into the essence of a data strategy, offering valuable insights for organisations seeking to navigate the path toward data-driven excellence during their digital transformation journey.

The differentiator for GenAI is your data, and unlocking transformative use requires a modern data strategy

—Dierdre Toner, Director Data, Worldwide Specialist Organisation, AWS

Explore how to develop data analytics in your organisation

Implementing data analytics in organisations is essential for making informed decisions based on real insights, leading to improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer engagement through personalised strategies, and the discovery of new avenues for disruptive innovation. In today's competitive landscape, harnessing the power of data analytics is a key driver for achieving success and staying ahead in the market. Find out more below.  

White Paper

Realising the value of cloud transformation

More and more organisations have put the cloud at the heart of their operations. On this page, we look more closely at the benefits of cloud adoption, bringing them to life through a range of customer stories.
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Data Strategy Unravelled: Creating Business Value with GenAI

A New Vantage study found 97% of blue-chip companies are investing in data, yet only 27% have successfully created a data driven organisation. Data Strategy Unravelled is a video series intended to help organisations become data-driven.
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AI and AWS

AI: Seek and you will find. It helps to ask the right questions.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the need to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive is more pressing than ever before. Monica Livingston and AWS details the questions you should be asking to get the answers you need from AI.
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Accelerating Business Value with a Modern Data Strategy

Explore a three-part framework aimed at assisting data leaders in generating substantial value on a larger scale. It provides actionable guidance to enhance the effectiveness of data strategies, ultimately driving greater business value through strategic
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To remove bottlenecks, and innovate at scale, requires rethinking how data is distributed. In the same way that organisations uncovered benefits by decoupling from monolith IT to micro-services, the modern data community is an organisational and cultural shift from monolithic data organisations to decoupled responsibility.

—Craig Suckling, Worldwide Data Strategy Lead, AWS

The importance of data analytics

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Make better, faster decisions

Foster a data-driven culture, democratize access to data and insights, and empower business users to make informed decisions with data easily.

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Improve customer experience and loyalty

Create a 360 degree customer view to better understand your customers better and offer hyper-personalized experiences.

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Build future-proof applications

Build intelligent and scalable applications on a modern data infrastructure so you can quickly evolve and innovate to support your growing data needs and customer demands.

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Reinvent your supply chain

Increase agility, get end-to-end visibility, and improve resiliency.

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Reduce fraud

Accurately detect and prevent online fraud to reduce revenue losses and provide a frictionless customer online experience while adapting to changing threat patterns.

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Optimize costs

Reduce the costs of putting your data to work while also leveraging AWS analytics, AI, and ML to uncover new cost-savings opportunities.

Build your end to end data strategy on AWS

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  • AWS redefines cost-efficient database solutions, offering unparalleled performance at a fraction of traditional enterprise costs. With purpose-built databases tailored for diverse use cases, you gain optimal performance without compromise, underpinning informed decision-making and enhancing leadership through data-driven insights. This digital transformation of databases empowers businesses to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the rapidly changing technological landscape.

    Explore Databases on AWS

  • AWS empowers businesses with a solid foundation for data lakes and warehouses. Services like Amazon S3, AWS Glue, AWS Lake Formation, and Amazon Redshift seamlessly weave together the foundational elements data infrastructure while aligning with your data strategy. Amazon Redshift, a petabyte-scale data warehouse, outperforms other cloud counterparts, exemplifying your commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

    Explore building your data lakes and data warehouses on AWS.

  • AWS provides a comprehensive suite of analytics services, spanning data movement, big data analytics, log analytics, and streaming analytics. Purpose-built services harmonise exceptional price performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, substantiating your organisational focus on innovation, growth, and agility.

    Explore Analytics on AWS.

  • AWS offers a pioneering array of AI and machine learning services, fuelling innovation and facilitating dynamic leadership. Amazon Bedrock simplifies generative AI application building, while services like image recognition and intelligent search enrich applications with AI capabilities. Amazon SageMaker also empowers you to craft and deploy ML models at scale, elevating your role as innovation-driven executives.

  • AWS empowers business users with intuitive tools to extract insights from data effortlessly. Interactive dashboards, natural language queries, and pattern recognition—fuelled by machine learning—encouraging business user insights that foster informed decisions without technical barriers.

    Learn more about Amazon SageMaker Canvas and Amazon QuickSight

  • End-to-End Data Governance in the era of digital transformation is pivotal. AWS embraces end-to-end data governance, enabling the equilibrium between control and accessibility. Cataloguing, discovering, sharing, and governing data across your organisation paves the way for robust leadership, effective change management, and agile business processes.

    Learn more about end-to-end data governance with Amazon DataZone.

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