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The Intelligent Edge - How it's Transforming the Public & Private Sectors

A conversation with Matt Ward, General Manager Global IoT Industry Sales Intel Corporation, and Rob Prince, Managing Director Communication Service Providers EMEA Intel Corporation

A conversation with Rob Prince, Director, Communication Service Providers, EMEA and Matt Ward, General Manager Global IoT Industry Sales, from Intel to give us their perspective on the intelligent edge, what it means and what are the benefits for organisations today and in the future.

The Intelligent Edge is helping to overcome challenges that once seemed impossible. That may sound like a big claim, but there are plenty of examples to show how it’s transforming both the private and public sectors.
To answer this question, Rob began by talking about the manufacturing industry.  As he explained, when you look inside a modern factory, it’ll probably be full of robots. Typically, to keep these robots working effectively and safely, they need to be continually hardwired on site. But with 5G and the Intelligent Edge, they can be controlled remotely in real time, cutting out an otherwise time-consuming maintenance process.

In addition, the Intelligent Edge enables advanced monitoring solutions (like automated video data analysis) to help avoid accidents and reduce downtime. For instance, by spotting the first signs of machine failure. In the car industry, the technology allows manufacturers to catch defects in real time to reduce, or even eliminate expensive repairs further down the road.

About the Leaders

Matt Ward, General Manager Global IoT Industry Sales Intel Corporation

Matt Ward
General Manager, Global IoT Industry Sales Intel Corporation

Matt Ward is the General Manager of the Global IoT Industry Sales Team at Intel Corporation. Matt joined Intel in 2004 as a business analyst and has held many leadership positions within sales and business operations. Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an MBA from Bath University, UK.

Rob Prince
Managing Director
, Communication Service Providers EMEA Intel Corporation

Robert Prince is Managing Director of Intel’s Communication Service Provider Business in the EMEA region. He joined Intel in 1997 and has held a wide variety of sales and marketing leadership positions during that time supporting both start-up businesses and large transformational businesses. He has a BSc in Information Technology.

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