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Asking The Right Questions About Your Digital Transformation – Wise x AWS

Discover how money platform Wise has been working with AWS to reduce its operational costs, scale internationally, and reduce cycle times to ship hundreds of releases a week.

In a compelling narrative, Feidhlim plunges into the fascinating collaboration between the innovative money transfer platform Wise and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This strategic partnership has delivered significant gains for Wise, including substantial cost reductions in operations, a smooth journey towards international expansion, and a remarkable acceleration in releasing new features. This transformation allows Wise to roll out hundreds of features every week.

By joining forces with AWS, Wise has harnessed the power of cutting-edge cloud technologies to revolutionise its operations on a global scale. The utilisation of AWS's robust infrastructure has not only provided Wise with a reliable and secure foundation but has also allowed the company to optimise its resources and streamline its operations, leading to substantial cost savings. This newfound efficiency has translated into a more cost-effective platform, benefiting Wise and its customers alike.

Innovation is woven throughout this story. The collaboration is a testament to the strategic impact of synergising the strengths of two industry leaders for exceptional advancements. This resonates with the evolving business landscape, underlining the importance of cultivating a culture of innovation, harnessing leading-edge technology, and forging powerful collaborations.

This union of Wise and AWS encapsulates the core of digital transformation. It transcends the conventional adoption of technology, encompassing a holistic transformation of business operations. Beyond the digital tools, the transformation is driven by the evolution of the workforce, which serves as the engine for change. The interplay between technology and human expertise shapes the path to success.
The video presentation stands as a valuable resource for those seeking deeper insights from Feidhlim. It unravels the mechanics behind Wise's operational cost reductions, global expansion, and accelerated feature deployment.

Watch the full video to dive deeper into Feidhlim's insightful account to discover details of how Wise has successfully reduced operational costs, expanded globally, and accelerated its release cycles.

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Matt Ward, General Manager Global IoT Industry Sales Intel Corporation

Matt Ward
General Manager, Global IoT Industry Sales Intel Corporation

Matt Ward is the General Manager of the Global IoT Industry Sales Team at Intel Corporation. Matt joined Intel in 2004 as a business analyst and has held many leadership positions within sales and business operations. Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an MBA from Bath University, UK.

Rob Prince
Managing Director
, Communication Service Providers EMEA Intel Corporation

Robert Prince is Managing Director of Intel’s Communication Service Provider Business in the EMEA region. He joined Intel in 1997 and has held a wide variety of sales and marketing leadership positions during that time supporting both start-up businesses and large transformational businesses. He has a BSc in Information Technology.

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