AWS endorses the principle of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all certification programs and prohibits discrimination against its applicants, candidates, certified persons, staff, and volunteers with regard to age, sex, ethnic origin, race, religion, disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by federal or state law. All AWS decisions related to certification (including granting, suspending, and withdrawing a credential) are made impartially and are free from discriminatory judgments.

Candidate Program Agreement

General: The AWS Certification Program Agreement (the “CPA”) contains terms that govern your participation in the AWS Certification program. The CPA is a contractual arrangement between AWS and any individual who registers for AWS Certification exam.

Non-compliance: If AWS, in its sole discretion, determines that you violated the terms of the CPA, your exam scores may be canceled, your AWS Certifications may be revoked, you may be required to retake an exam, or you may be prohibited from participating in the AWS Certification program.

Data forensics: AWS uses data forensics to identify statistically anomalous exam results. Data forensics is used as a basis for taking enforcement action when there is no reasonable explanation for the statistical anomaly. When the validity of an exam result is in question based on forensic analysis, AWS may invalidate the exam score and resultant certification, and then notify the affected candidate of next steps. AWS may also require candidates to retake the exam at a mutually agreeable time and at a location chosen by AWS, or candidates may be barred from participating in the AWS Certification program in the future.

Candidate Code of Conduct

You will be presented with the Candidate Code of Conduct before your exam launches. The Candidate Code of Conduct serves to remind you of conduct that threatens the integrity, validity, and security of AWS Certification exams and that you previously agreed to refrain from such conduct when you accepted the terms of the AWS Certification Program Agreement during exam registration. If you do not agree to the Candidate Code of Conduct, your exam will be terminated and you will not receive a refund.

Testing Irregularity Investigation Process

If a candidate is the subject of an investigation by AWS, the candidate must fully cooperate with the investigation, produce all documents and materials requested by AWS, and truthfully and completely answer all questions presented to the candidate, whether by email, phone, in person, or any other method. Failure or refusal to cooperate with AWS’s investigation, or the presentation of false or misleading information to AWS or its representatives in the course of an AWS investigation, shall constitute a breach of the AWS Certification Program Agreement and serve as a separate and independent basis for AWS to take action against the candidate’s certification(s).

If AWS determines there is sufficient evidence that a candidate has violated testing rules or procedures that are subject to sanction, AWS will notify the candidate by email about the violation and the resulting sanctions. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the email address associated with their AWS Certification Account is current, checked frequently, and accepts emails from In addition to the violation and sanctions, the email will outline the appeals process for challenging AWS’s decision, which is also outlined in the following sections.


Any candidate who violates testing rules, policies, or procedures may be subject to sanctions, including but not limited to:

  • Warning
  • Invalidation of certification exam results
  • Required to retake the Certification Exam
  • Restrict exam delivery modality for future certification exam(s)
  • Revocation of the certification related to the violation
  • Revocation of all AWS Certifications
  • Banned participation in the AWS Certification program for a limited or indefinite period of time


Candidates who have received a written notice that they are prohibited from participating in the AWS Certification Program in accordance with the AWS Certification Program Agreement may appeal the conclusions and sanction(s) within 30 calendar days from the date on which AWS sent the notification to the candidate. Candidates will be required to provide a written statement describing the basis of their appeal, why the appeal should be granted, and all evidence that supports the candidate’s appeal. AWS will not consider appeals received more than 30 calendar days after the date on which AWS sent the notification. Any evidence provided to AWS after this time will not be reviewed unless specifically requested by AWS.

The AWS Certification Security team will review the information provided by the candidate and decide if the sanctions should be overturned. If all sanctions are overturned, the candidate will be notified of the decision. If the AWS Certification Security team determines that some or all sanctions should remain in place, the appeal will be forwarded to the Certification Candidate Appeals Committee (“Committee”) for final review along with an Incident Investigation Report and access to any relevant evidence.

The Committee will consist of at least three members of the AWS Certification team who did not implement, collaborate on, or oversee the incident that is being appealed. The Committee will review the sanctions, collaborate, and decide whether each individual sanction should be upheld, reduced, or removed. The decision to uphold or reduce an individual sanction will be determined by the majority vote of the Committee. The Committee may not increase the severity of any sanction under review.

After the Committee has rendered a decision, the AWS Certification Security team will communicate that decision to the candidate and ensure that any sanctions that were reduced or removed are appropriately resolved. The decision by the Committee is final, and the candidate’s only recourse to challenge the decision is through arbitration as specified in the AWS Candidate Agreement.

Teen Testing Policy

Candidates ages 13-17 are permitted to take AWS Certification exams with the consent of their parent or legal guardian. Candidates must be at least 13 years old at the time of scheduling an exam. This special process is outlined below:

1. Create an AWS Certification Account: The parent or legal guardian must create an AWS Certification Account for their teenage candidate, and the account must be in their teenage candidate’s name. After creating the account, note the Candidate ID found in the top right corner of the page. This will be needed in step 2 below.

2. Open a customer support case: The parent or legal guardian must next open a customer support case with AWS Training and Certification. In order to avoid delays in processing requests for testing their teenager(s), the parent or legal guardian must enter the following information into the case form’s fields:

  • First Name: Enter the parent/legal guardian’s first name
  • Last Name: Enter the parent/legal guardian’s last name
  • Company Name: Enter the teenage candidate’s first and last name
  • Email Address: Enter the parent/legal guardian’s email address
  • Country/Region: Select your applicable country/region
  • Telephone: Enter the parent/legal guardian’s telephone number
  • Inquiry Type: Select “Certification”
  • Additional Details: Select “Scheduling/Accommodations”
  • How can we help you?: Enter the phrase “Teenage Candidate” immediately followed by the login ID from the teenage candidate’s AWS Certification Account

Please note: If a teenage candidate files the initial ticket, they will need to have their parent or legal guardian submit a new ticket completed properly to initiate the process.

3. Complete a consent form: AWS Customer Support will respond to your customer support case with further instructions. They will also provide a parental/legal guardian consent form that must be completed by both the teenage candidate and the parent/legal guardian who will accompany them to their scheduled appointment. Reply to the customer support email with the completed consent form attached to it.

4. After consent form approval, assist in scheduling the exam: Approximately five to seven business days after receipt of the consent form, AWS Customer Support will either notify the parent/legal guardian if any further information is needed, or if the consent form is approved. Upon receiving that copy of the approved form, the parent/legal guardian may then assist their teenage candidate in scheduling an AWS Certification exam. They may do so by signing in to their AWS Certification Account and selecting “Pearson VUE” as the test delivery provider for the appropriate exam.

5. Follow proper identification (ID) steps on the day of the exam appointment:

  • The teenage candidate must present one form of photo ID. School IDs are acceptable.
  • The parent/legal guardian who is identified on the consent form must accompany the teen candidate to the test center and provide a valid, government-issued ID that matches the name listed on the consent form, as well as a copy of the consent form.
  • The parent/legal guardian must sign the log sheet next to the candidate’s signature in order to verify the candidate’s identity.
  • The parent/legal guardian is not permitted to wait in the test center after the admission process is completed.

Because certification exam policies often change, the scheduling process above must be repeated, and a new consent form completed and submitted, for each AWS Certification exam taken by a teenage candidate.

Brand Usage and Guidelines

AWS Certification digital badges are a way to visually portray your AWS Certification achievement. We provide digital badges as a benefit of earning an AWS Certification to showcase certification status. AWS Certification digital badges are provided via Credly’s Acclaim platform and can be accessed, along with all your AWS Certified benefits, from your AWS Certification Account. You can use the sharing features within Credly’s Acclaim platform to post your badge on your social media newsfeeds and add your digital badge to your professional profile.

Usage rules

AWS Certification badges should be featured in an unaltered state, on white or very light backgrounds that are devoid of distracting patterns or imagery, with the appropriate taglines place below the logo. Do not take any of the following actions:

  • Distorting the badge
  • Altering the badge
  • Altering the colors
  • Overlaying graphics or text
  • Placing the badge on a patterned background
  • Placing the badge over busy imagery
  • Placing the badge on a background with low contrast

AWS authorizes the use of the AWS Certification Mark in accordance with the rules set forth below:

  • AWS Certification requires meeting specific certification requirements, including passing an AWS Certification exam. Only individuals who have been certified by an official AWS test provider are allowed to use the AWS Certification Mark.
  • The AWS Certification Mark may only be used in connection with you presenting yourself as an AWS Certified individual. This AWS Certification Mark is non-transferable.
  • The AWS Certification Mark may only be reproduced from approved artwork and may not be recreated by any other means, in any other form, or altered in any way, including the use of unapproved taglines, abbreviations, or translations.
  • The AWS Certification Mark must never be used to portray AWS products and/or services in a negative way.
  • The AWS Certification Mark may not be combined with any other symbols, including words, other logos, icons, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, or any other design elements.
  • The AWS Certification Mark should not be used to imply or suggest that:
    • You have achieved a level of certification that you have not achieved or do not currently have;
    • Any partnership, joint venture, or other relationship exists between you and AWS; or that
    • AWS recommends or endorses your services.
  • You shall make any revisions respecting the AWS Certification Mark in such materials that AWS may request.

Your acceptance of the AWS Certification Mark indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of these guidelines and reconfirms your acceptance of the AWS Certification Program Agreement. AWS reserves the right to change these guidelines and the nature of this program at its own discretion.

Additional Policies

For details on specific testing-related policies, please select the links for the appropriate pages below: