You can use CloudEndure Migration to perform automated migration to AWS at no charge.

Each free CloudEndure Migration license allows for 90 days of use following agent installation. During this period, you can start the replication of your source machines, launch target machines, conduct unlimited tests, and perform a scheduled cutover to complete your migration.

After this free 90-day period, your machines will stop replicating and new target machines cannot be launched. If you did not complete migration within the free 90-day period, you can still migrate at no cost by reinstalling the CloudEndure agent on the applicable machines with a new CloudEndure Migration account. This will allow you to perform replication, testing, and cutover for another free period of 90 days.

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Additional charges

While the use of CloudEndure Migration is free, you will incur charges for any AWS infrastructure that is provisioned during migration and after cutover, such as compute (EC2) and storage (EBS) resources.

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