AWS Cloud Operations

Operate securely and safely in the cloud, at scale

IT operations are at the heart of every organization. Operating in the cloud allows IT teams to focus on business outcomes, optimizing IT processes while accelerating software development and innovation.

These days, it is no longer a question if your organization is moving to the cloud, but how fast you can move with security, visibility, control, and safety. Companies of every size have realized benefits from moving to AWS cloud, including a lower cost of operations, stronger operational resilience, and a smaller carbon footprint. Organizations moving large portfolios of legacy applications, ITIL-based processes, and datacenters to the cloud want a secure and efficient way to manage and govern their infrastructure and applications in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge. 

AWS Cloud Operations provides a model and tools for a secure and efficient way to operate in the cloud. You can transform your organization, modernize and migrate your applications, and accelerate innovation with AWS.

The Total Economic Impact of AWS Cloud Operations

Learn how you can attain a 241% ROI by operating securely and safely in the cloud, at scale

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Cost savings
Lower your 5-year cost of operations by 51%

Staff productivity

Improve IT infrastructure staff productivity by 62%
Operational resilience
Decrease operational downtime by 57%
Business agility
Decrease time to market by 37%
Carbon savings
Reduce your IT operations carbon footprint by 88%

* Based on independent research with thousands of AWS enterprise customers

Why AWS Cloud Operations

Operate at cloud scale

At Amazon, operational excellence is in our DNA. We’ve taken operational tools, developed and used internally at Amazon, and offered them as AWS services. AWS services are built for operating at cloud scale. AWS services and operational best practices are built based on 20+ years of our own operations management experience, helping provide a foundation to transform your IT operations.

Operate anywhere

AWS Cloud Operations reduces IT complexity, empowering you to operate anywhere: on AWS, on premises, and on other clouds. You get a single control plane to operate your hybrid and multicloud environments and can rapidly gain insights into the behavior, performance, and health of your resources.

Operate applications easily

Application operations help you get started with your applications on AWS, operate them with less effort, and move faster at scale. It is a consistent approach to centrally monitor the cost, health, security posture, and performance of applications across your AWS experience, and quickly troubleshoot and remediate issues with prescriptive workflows. 

Solution Areas

Cloud governance

It’s easy to set up a foundation for operations with governance built-in. Create an environment that is secure, scalable, and cost-efficient. Quickly prepare for business workload migration. With AWS, you can easily set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on best practices.

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Operations management

AWS works with your existing operations by integrating with tools such as ServiceNow and Jira Service Desk. You can automate IT operations to quickly and efficiently inventory, organize, secure, and manage your environments, resources, and applications. Define, test, monitor, and recover applications across your environments from a central operations hub.

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Monitoring and observability

The quality of your observability can drive application availability and performance. Measure how well your system or applications are performing by collecting and analyzing outputs such as logs, metrics, and traces. This insight allows operations teams to quickly detect, investigate, and remediate problems.

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Compliance and auditing

Organizations of all sizes operate in a compliance landscape that is complex, dynamic, and evolving rapidly, facing internal requirements as well as external industry, national, and international regulations such as HIPAA, SOC, and PCI-DSS. With AWS, you can implement compliance processes faster and more easily with automation, ready-to-use templates, and best practices built-in. Compliance guardrails help you detect and flag suspicious activity so you can take action quickly.

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Cloud financial management

When moving to the cloud, organizations often rethink their traditional IT financial management. AWS offers tools to help set expectations around cloud costs for your projects and applications, making it easier for all roles in your organization to manage and control costs. You can also uncover cost insights and optimization opportunities, and optimize spend based on usage.

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Customer stories

Deutsche Borse Group
Deutsche Börse Group built a solution that would give it a clear view of its cloud resources across multiple environments to help it meet security compliance requirements.
Sixth Street, global investment firm, quickly built a flexible account solution to drive innovation for development teams using AWS.
Rackspace used AWS Systems Manager to manage patching and maintenance of instances in hybrid and multicloud environments. 

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DevOps Monitoring Dashboard on AWS

Automate the process of ingesting, analyzing, and visualizing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) metrics.

Instance Scheduler on AWS

Configure start and stop schedules for your Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instances to manage costs.         

Customizations for AWS Control Tower

Combine AWS Control Tower and other highly-available, trusted AWS services to help customers more quickly set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment using AWS best practices.

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