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Move faster while adhering to your security, operational, compliance, and cost standards
Cloud governance is a set of rules, processes, and reports that guide your organization to follow best practices. You can establish cloud governance across your AWS estate, which includes the accounts, infrastructure, and environments that you own and operate in the AWS Cloud. Use built-in best practices and standards for governance to guide your AWS operations. Meet regulatory requirements confidently with comprehensive controls. And achieve consistent governance of your multi-account AWS environment with best-in-class interoperable services.
Scaling your environment securely with AWS Control Tower (30:58)


Built-in governance
Innovate with best practices built in when you operate your workloads on AWS. Quickly set up the right foundation for innovation.
Central governance controls
Centrally establish rules, processes, and reports across your AWS estate. Procure third-party products from one place and maintain consistent controls as you grow.
Comprehensive controls
Select from a breadth of multi-account controls across AWS services that guide you to meet your security standards and regulatory requirements.

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Cultivate agility

Quickly spin up new workloads that meet your security, operational, compliance, and cost standards. Accelerate provisioning with purpose-built controls as part of infrastructure as code.

Operate in a dynamic regulatory environment

Inspect and audit your compliance and regulatory requirements with tailored reporting.

Streamline mergers and acquisitions

Migrate workloads faster with established multi-account controls that apply as your AWS estate expands using AWS Organizations and AWS Control Tower.  

Centrally manage your multi-account AWS environment as you scale.
Set up and operate your multi-account AWS environment with prescriptive controls designed to accelerate your cloud journey.
Continually audit your compliance with regulations and industry standards.
Continually assess, monitor, and record resource configuration changes to simplify change management.

Customer stories

Symetra logo

Symetra saves resources by using AWS Control Tower for account provisioning

“Prior to using AWS Control Tower, our account provisioning process was roughly 4 hours long with 25 manual steps. With AWS Control Tower, we can provision accounts that adhere to our corporate policy in less than 30 minutes, and with as few as 10 steps. AWS Control Tower enables our organization to quickly create new accounts that adhere to our requirements, replacing manual steps with automation. The out-of-the-box guardrails and integration with other AWS services are extremely useful and have saved countless hours of development, testing, and implementation.”

- Andrew Chemis
Cloud Engineer, Symetra

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Video still from an AWS re:Inforce session
Bristol Myers Squibb logo

Bristol Myers Squibb implemented a fully automated self-service platform

Bristol Myers Squibb uses AWS Control Tower and AWS Service Catalog to support controls and deliver best practice kits in their cloud environment.

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Photo of the Behavox team
Behavox logo

Behavox enhanced its security posture while facilitating growth

Behavox scaled to support institutions with 100,000 employees on AWS Organizations and AWS identity services.

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Photo of people at a computer
Digital Partners logo

Digital Partners enhances security by using AWS Control Tower and AWS Security Hub

Digital Partners uses AWS Control Tower to set up and help govern a secure AWS environment. They also use AWS Security Hub for a comprehensive view of security alerts and postures across their AWS accounts. 

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Photo of a man working at a laptop
Warner Bros. Discovery logo

Warner Bros. Discovery improves mergers and acquisitions by using AWS Organizations

Warer Bros. Discover uses AWS Organizations to create new AWS accounts at no additional charge, allocate resources, group accounts, and apply governance policies.

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Learn more about cloud governance with blog posts, videos, workshops, What's New posts, and training.

Best practices guide

Architecture Best Practices for Management and Governance

Learn about architecture best practices for management and governance in the AWS Cloud, including how to get started, build and test, deploy, and audit and optimize.

Scaling image
Virtual training

AWS Security Governance at Scale

By automating processes, you can scale without inhibiting agility, speed, or innovation. You can also provide decision makers with the visibility, control, and governance necessary to protect sensitive data and systems.

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Image for Enforce Preventive Guardrails by Using Service Control Policies

Enforce Preventive Guardrails by Using Service Control Policies

With service control policies in AWS Organizations, you can centrally manage permissions to enforce security guidelines while allowing builder teams to safely innovate with AWS services.

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Best practices for organizing and operating on AWS screenshot

Best practices for organizing and operating on AWS

In this video, hear Bianca Lankford, Senior Director/Global Head of Cloud Engineering and Governance from Warner Brothers Discovery, describe how they organized their cloud environment to allow teams to develop with agility while being able to manage and operate their applications in a secure, automated, reliable, and cost-effective way.

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Image of a woman at a laptop with a latte

AWS Control Tower Workshop

AWS Control Tower offers the easiest way to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment. This workshop guides you through how you can create such an environment. 

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FedRAMP logo

Cloud compliance, assurance, and auditing

Learn how to continuously assess, manage, and maintain compliance for formalized standards such as those required by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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AWS Audit Manager video still

An introduction to AWS Audit Manager

This video introduces AWS Audit Manager, a managed compliance service that helps you audit your use of AWS in a single place where usage evidence is continuously collected and organized.

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Video still of a "Cloud governance at scale" illustration

AWS re:Inforce 2023 - Best practices for cloud governance at scale

Learn best practices in cloud governance for building a well-architected, scalable foundation on AWS, including strategies for permissions management, secure workload deployments, and environment governance.

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Video still of "Classify workloads based on impact" chart

AWS re:Inforce 2023 - Managing risk in a regulated environment

See how to use AWS services such as AWS Control Tower, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager, and AWS Organizations to manage the risk inherent to sensitive workloads.

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Photo of hands at laptop
Virtual training

Designing Landing Zone Architectures with AWS Control Tower

This intermediate e-learning course provides prescriptive guidance about designing target landing zones to support migration and modernization efforts using AWS Control Tower.

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