Cloud Governance

Set up governance from the start for every environment

You can set up cloud governance and controls right from the start for every AWS environment, and address potential threats, best practices, and compliance requirements, even when you integrate with other services and third-party tools. AWS offers a wide range of self-service solutions with the most fine-grained controls to automate the setup of new cloud environments and to help with ongoing governance. When you set up an environment that is optimized for governance, you increase your productivity and operational efficiency. You can easily set up a secure and scalable AWS environment in under 30 minutes, create and manage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates quickly, and migrate workloads faster, while simultaneously improving your security and compliance posture.

AWS re:Inforce 2019: Using AWS Control Tower to Govern Multi-Account AWS Environments (44:28)


Quickly set up the right foundation for innovation

With AWS, you can easily and quickly set up a secure environment in the cloud in under 30 minutes. Your AWS environment is secure, scalable, ready for migration of your business workloads, and supports business agility along with innovation.

Central controls to manage risks

AWS offers centralized, automated, and fine-grained controls so that you can manage and minimize operational, technical, and security risks. You can manage specific security or regulatory compliance over your applications and resources.

Consistent governance over your entire IT estate

AWS offers best-in-class interoperable cloud governance solutions to help you achieve consistent governance over your entire IT estate, including AWS and third-party products.

With AWS, you can easily set up a secure multi-account environment in under 30 minutes, transfer and migrate your workloads up to 33% faster, and reduce unauthorized use of AWS resources by up to 90%.

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