Introducing AWS CloudWatch Events (Kent Weare, InfoQ, Feb 6th)
"CloudWatch Events can also detect when services are provisioned, or terminated, including Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon SNS topic or Amazon SQS."

CloudWatch Event+Lambda - Controlling cross region EBS Snapshot copies for regulated industries (Harish Ganesan, Feb. 1st)
"Now after the introduction of CloudWatch Events we have configured a rule that points to an AWS Lambda which gets triggered in near real time when snapshot is copied to destination AWS region."

CloudWatch Events (Onur Salk, Wekanban, Jan. 19th)
"We were able to protect our production instances from being terminated using CloudWatch Events."

Scheduling Events With The CloudWatch Event Console (Ryan S. Brown, Serverless Code, Jan. 17th)
"[CloudWatch Events] lets you build event-driven tools that handle actions like stopping EC2 instances as well as build schedules like UNIX’s cron system."

Scheduling Lambda Functions with CloudWatch Events using the AWS CLI (Rowan Udell, Jan. 16th)
"With this update, we can now schedule Lambda functions from the CLI and APIs!"

Get Alerts For Expiring SSL Certificates (Ryan S. Brown, Serverless Code, Jan. 16th)
"When the stack is finished, you’ll need to add a CloudWatch event. CloudWatch just added support for scheduled events that can be connected to Lambda functions."