Empowering customers to drive sustainable solutions for a better future

Innovation as the driving force for sustainability 

Sustainability is a societal initiative that aims for humans to co-exist on the planet over the long term. It touches everyone today: Earth’s billions of people, local and world governments, regulatory bodies, and notably, companies and their customers, employees, and investors, where the challenges of doing business as usual loom larger than ever.

AWS customers use our services in a wide range of ways to collect, analyze, and manage sustainability data to build transparency and accelerate progress. In this eBook, we’ll explore stories of how several of our leading customers are accomplishing big things along their own paths to sustainability in cloud migration, sustainable IT, carbon emissions tracking, and building efficiency.

“An environmentally friendly and efficient IT solution is not only good for the planet, but also saves cost and is good for business. We want to ensure that we, as a company, only use what we need.”

Jan Andries Oldenkamp, CIO, Scania

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