AWS Thinkbox Stoke

Simplify particle simulations for Autodesk 3ds Max

Create particle simulations faster for Autodesk 3ds Max compared to competing fluid dynamics plugins.

Allow artists without programming or scripting experience to easily use an extensible procedural geometry modifier.

Give users access to artist-friendly channel-editing workflows similar to node-based image-compositing applications.

Access optimized geometry and particle lookup operations not available in the Autodesk 3ds Max SDK.

How it works

AWS Thinkbox Stoke simplifies and accelerates the creation of high-volume particle clouds.

Use cases

Support multiple input sources

Enable formats, such as PRT and RealFlow BIN, and simulations from FumeFX, Particle Flow, cebas thinkingParticles, and 3ds Max Force Space Warps.

Manipulate fields

Create and simulate new fields, including velocity fields, and the loading and saving of field data using industry-standard formats.

Integrate field data

Combine field data with 3ds Max subsystems, such as Particle Flow, MassFX, Hair and Fur, Materials, most renderers, and other systems.

Connect to AWS Thinkbox Krakatoa high-volume particle renderer

Operate compatibly with AWS Thinkbox Krakatoa and its various components, including PRT objects, Magma and Delete modifiers, and Particle Data Viewer.

How to get started

Access Open Source Code

Check out the AWS Thinkbox Stoke source code for 3ds Max.

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