The Amazon EC2 Container Service Team is tasked with building and operating platforms that enable a new generation of Docker-enabled applications and services to run in production at any scale. We operate in small teams with engineers and product managers working closely together, allowing us to move fast.

Our roadmap and technology decisions are driven by our customers and our razor focus in addressing their problems. No matter your role or level or experience, we believe everyone is an owner and is empowered to execute on great ideas. It's still Day 1 here, and we are solving complex problems every day in order to build a scalable and easy-to-use cloud platform for running Dockerized applications.

We have positions available from engineering to product management. We would love to hear from you.

  • Software Development Engineer - we build things
  • Web Development Engineer - we make nice looking things
  • Software Development Manager - we control chaos
  • Product Manager - we try to define stuff
  • Product Marketing Manager - we explain things
  • Evangelist - we preach

Please email the following to us at

  • Position of interest
  • Resume
  • Portfolio or GitHub user page
  • Your favorite kind of pizza
  • (Bonus) The answer to one of the following questions:
    • "would you rather fight one rancor-sized jawa or twenty jawa-sized rancors"
    • "what is worse, a zombie apocalypse or a robot apocalypse”
    • "who is wiser, Gandalf the White or Yoda"