Operational Technology (OT) Transformation in Power & Utilities

Every utility is familiar with the challenges of “the three D’s” -- decentralization, decarbonization, and digitization. Each has a substantial impact on the operations technology (OT) of utilities. Managing distribution systems with ever-increasing levels of distributed energy resources (DERs) can be daunting. AWS Power & Utilities provides the powerful tools you need to manage the complex technical, operational, and economic ramifications of having a high penetration of interconnected DERs. Our track record with some of the world’s leading water and energy providers illustrate the way these system tools provide situational awareness -- to track and mitigate the impact of DERs on grid reliability -- while also capturing the economic value of DERs for distribution, bulk power systems, and retail customers.

AWS Enables EDF Energy To Scale Its Energy Management Platform (2:44)

Use cases

  • Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMS)
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMS)

    With lower cost batteries, the rise of prosumers, connected devices, and intermittent energy resources like solar, your utility needs a new set of tools to optimize interconnected DERs based on real-time data. AWS big data analytics, machine learning (ML), and IoT capabilities allow you to extract insights from millions of residential, commercial, and other assets. Leverage AWS to optimize your grid for stability, sustainability, cost, and safety. And, you can maximize the lifecycle of your integrated distributed resources by securely connecting to and controlling all your equipment and devices.

  • Meter Data Analytics (MDA)
  • Meter Data Analytics (MDA)

    Legacy meter data management (MDM) systems may have been revolutionary in their day, but because they focus primarily on collating accurate meter reads and consumption data for the creation of utility bills, they fall short of the needs of today’s utilities. MDM’s from the era of manual and wirelessly read “dumb meters” were sufficient when only a limited set of data was collected. Most utilities retained only billing data but either ignored or discarded other smart meter data. It was simply too costly and difficult to integrate into corporate data warehouses. Today’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) “smart meters” -- generating dozens of data points multiple times per hour – create an even bigger challenge that older MDM systems cannot hope to address.

    A modern data system built on AWS unlocks meter data from silos and lets you cost effectively hydrate your S3 data lake with all your meter data. You can easily add other types of information such as GIS, network, demographics, weather, social media, customer and asset data.

    Use AWS’s AI/ML and analytics to mine valuable insights from historic data, discovering relevant correlations and new applications. AWS customers are using them to forecast household level energy use, analyze circuit level loads, asses momentary outages, discover water leaks, evaluate the impact of PV and EV installation, notify customers of high bills, prevent or detect theft, and more.

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