AWS for Public Sector Financial Institutions

Enabling the mission of global public sector financial institutions with cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides solutions for public sector financial institutions to use emerging technologies to achieve their goals. AWS offers secure, scalable, and resilient cloud services that can help financial institutions explore new possibilities in digital currencies, economic development, asset management, blockchain, and supervisory technologies.

Whether you are looking to streamline your processes, explore new technologies and services, or enhance your customer experience, AWS provides the tools and expertise to confidently migrate, transform, and innovate, unlocking the full potential of emerging technologies.

Government Transformation in Payment Integrity

How AWS is supporting public sector financial institutions

Fraud detection and prevention
Payment modernization
Greening the financial system
Supervisory technology
Economic research
Digital assets and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)
Cloud Fundamentals

How AWS can help your mission

Transform: How AWS Supports Public Sector Institutions as they explore Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs

Public sector financial institutions are leveraging the cloud to deliver organizational mandates for safety, security, and scalability. 

Read our three-part series on how to leverage this technology to achieve your mission »

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Modernize: The citizen experience

Public sector financial institutions are leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) tools to improve services for US citizens. AWS Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) helps automate tasks such as customer onboarding, bookings, and payments that involve documentation. Chatbots can use data from customer documents to respond to customer queries in a more personalized manner. 

Learn about intelligent document processing » 

Innovate: Data solutions for the new climate economy

Explore the critical role that AWS plays in supporting public sector financial institutions worldwide as they strive to address the complex and globally distributed risks associated with climate change.

Download the whitepaper today to discover how AWS can help public sector financial institutions become more agile, mission-driven, and better equipped to tackle the climate challenges of the future.

Whitepaper: Data solutions for the new climate economy: Enabling decarbonization and resilience in partnership with public sector financial institutions »

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Transform: Enabling the missions of our customers

Working together to increase the pipeline of women in tech in Latin America ›

Read about how we are working together with Inter-American Development Bank to increase the pipeline of women in tech in Latin America. 

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Financial data visualization

Central bank digital currencies

In this series, AWS shares best practices for leveraging data analytics and machine learning to meets today’s monetary requirements.

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Data solutions for the new climate economy: Enabling decarbonization and resilience in partnership with public sector financial institutions

Download this whitepaper to learn how AWS is partnering with public sector financial institutions to meet climate change challenges. 

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Retail Central Bank Digital Currency: From Vision to Design from the Oliver Wyman Forum

Read the report to get a framework for central bankers, technologists, and impacted stakeholders to learn how a CBDC solution can be designed and evolve to fit policy goals.

Level-up your knowledge of artifical intelligence (AI)

Amazon aims to provide cost-free AI skills training to 2 million people by 2025 with its new AI Ready commitment.

Announcing new tools for building with generative AI on AWS  »


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