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Dive deeper with these resources to help you build a winning data strategy.

  • Accelerating business growth
  • Unlocking new opportunities
  • Accelerating business growth
  • Make data a strategic asset

    When organizations are able to get insights from their data, they can stay one step ahead of customer needs, competitive pressures, and industry trends. In this e-book, learn from leading organizations such as Vyaire Medical, Toyota Racing, Expedia Group, and more on how they used data, analytics, and machine learning to reinvent themselves. Start or expand your data journey now to accelerate innovation.

    Building a winning data strategy

    Successful organizations use data to improve agility and make informed, strategic decisions. This Executive Guide from MIT Sloan Management Review outlines the importance of building a strong data foundation so leaders are equipped to make data-driven decisions to respond to new opportunities faster. Download this guide to discover:

    • Why culture is the greatest barrier to data success
    • How to spark innovation with good data governance
    • How actioned analytics pave the way to new customer value

    Start building a strong data foundation for your organization by downloading the guide.

    The data-driven enterprise

    What exactly does it take to become data-driven, and why is it so important in today’s digital environment? Download the e-book to discover how organizations are using data to drive their businesses forward and connect the dots between agility, digital transformation, and continuous innovation. This e-book will show you:

    • The true value of data
    • What it means to be data-driven
    • How to become a data-driven organization

    Migrate with confidence to a secure cloud

    Looking for a way to secure your data in the cloud? A provider who demonstrates these six benefits can help you transform the way you operate, freeing up resources to focus on your core business, all while making your organization more secure. Read the e-book Migrate with Confidence to a Secure Cloud and discover how you can increase your security posture by migrating with AWS.

    Breaking free from on-premises constraints: Cloud database services from AWS

    Take full advantage of the flexibility and elastic scalability of the cloud by migrating to a fully managed, purpose-built AWS database management solution.

    Read this whitepaper from IDC to learn how you can:

    • Break down barriers in database management
    • Build and manage databases that meet modern application needs
    • Blend operations for multiple database types using a single platform

    AWS can help you modernize your database approach so you can thrive in today’s highly digital era. Download the whitepaper to discover how.

    The business value of Amazon Web Services storage

    Organizations like yours are leveraging the agility, scalability, and performance of AWS Storage to address business opportunities and increase revenue.

    Read the IDC whitepaper to discover how your organization can:

    • Reduce operations costs by 43%
    • Achieve 47% more efficient IT infrastructure management
    • Gain an additional $4.2 million in revenue per year

    Leverage data and analytics to unlock any insights

    Today, data is everywhere—and it’s growing at a staggering rate. As forward-thinking organizations embrace the idea of data-driven transformation as a business necessity, they also recognize the need to leverage large data volumes as a catalyst, not a barrier, to growth. Before they can maximize the value of their data, however, organizations must confront critical questions.

    As you address these challenges at your organization, you’ll need to determine how you can:

    • Harness your data
    • Gain meaningful insights into your data
    • Overcome data silos while trying to manage your data

    AWS Training and Certification can help your organization solve for these imperatives by enabling your teams to develop critical data and analytics skills. The knowledge your teams gain and the abilities they develop will allow them to better understand your data—and how to derive the most business value from it.

    7 leading machine learning use cases

    Move beyond the hype and discover the tangible benefits of machine learning. In this e-book, we have outlined seven leading use cases where businesses have successfully applied machine learning to achieve fast, efficient, measurable results. Read the e-book to learn more about these use cases and the requirements you should look for when identifying a suitable application for machine learning, such as:

    • Solves real business problems
    • Leverages sources of untapped data
    • Can be completed in a matter of months

    Download the e-book now to start or expand your machine learning journey.

    The machine learning journey

    Businesses have the opportunity to unlock significant value across the organization with the help of machine learning and AI.

    Follow the proven path to machine learning success. Read the Machine Learning Journey e-book to discover:

    • The full machine learning journey in 6 steps
    • How to transform investments into business-differentiating solutions
    • Inspiring stories of industry leaders who’ve successfully implemented machine learning
    • Insights from AWS machine learning experts

    Think of it as an instruction manual to guide you on your journey at every stage and help you accelerate machine learning initiatives to achieve measurable results.

  • Unlocking new opportunities
  • The new leadership mindset for Data & Analytics

    Leaders know the importance of data. The challenge is how to put that data to use in order to drive the organization forward. This executive guide from MIT Sloan Management Review provides you with insights, research, and strategies to:

    • Identify and grow your data talent
    • Initiate successful data strategies
    • Empower a data-driven culture

    Accelerate your transformation to become data-driven by reading the guide.

    Harness data to reinvent your organization

    To be a leader that's going to reinvent, you have to be relentless and tenacious about getting to the truth. And you have to have the tools to stay agile enough to pivot when needed and jump on new opportunities. To do this, you need to build a data-driven strategy for your organization. With this e-book, you’ll learn:

    • The benefits of being data-driven
    • How to modernize your data infrastructure, put your data to work, and invent new experiences
    • What it means to have a data-driven culture

    Discover how your organization can stay relevant and sustain continued growth by downloading this e-book.

    Put your data to work with a modern analytics approach

    To make decisions quickly, organizations will want to store data in open formats, break down data silos, and manage access to that data. The Lake House approach integrates your data lakes, data warehouses, and purpose-built data stores together in a unified and governed way. Download this e-book to learn:

    • The limitations of running legacy data analytics infrastructure on-premises
    • The Lake House approach that brings together the best of both data lakes and purpose-built data stores
    • How the Lake House approach helped other organizations make decisions with speed and agility

    Reinvention starts with cloud migration of your data infrastructure

    For organizations running legacy data infrastructure on-premises or self-managed in the cloud, the management of this infrastructure is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. This e-book will highlight:

    • Benefits of migrating the data infrastructure to the cloud
    • Exploration of different data infrastructure to be migrated, like storage, database, and analytics
    • How leading organizations save time and costs, and spend more of their time innovating and building new applications by migrating to the cloud

    Explore the benefits of migrating data to the cloud.

    Cloud storage adoption: From cost optimization to agility and innovation

    The economic benefits of cloud storage capacity are well understood, but the long-term value of adjacent storage services is harder for organizations to quantify. These readily accessible services provide IT teams the agility to differentiate and capitalize on new features from implementation through maturation. Learn why IDC believes:

    • More than 40% of global data will be stored in cloud datacenters by 2023
    • Enterprises expect 30-40% growth in cloud storage annually
    • Flexible, resilient infrastructure services will remain in high demand

    A strategic playbook for data, analytics, and machine learning

    If your organization is like most others, the pressure is on to use data, analytics, and machine learning to drive critical business decisions, including:

    • When to expand product offerings
    • How to introduce new revenue streams
    • Where to automate manual processes
    • How to optimize interactions with customers and business partners

    Download the IDG CIO Playbook for help refining your data-driven strategy so you can effectively scale analytics and machine learning across your enterprise. Get the guidance you need to accelerate innovation and drive your business forward with data.

    Train your teams to unlock the value of your data

    Build and expand your organization’s data and analytics skills with comprehensive training from AWS. Learn how building these skills will help your organization define and create new initiatives to leverage the transformative business value of data.

    Data and analytics skills tracker

    Empower yourself with the knowledge to harness one of the world’s most valuable resources—data. As organizations rapidly expand their data infrastructure, a data skills gap has emerged. AWS Training and Certification provides access to a wide range of digital on-demand and virtual classroom courses to help you learn sought-after data skills to fill the skills gap and advance your career. This Skills Tracker provides an overview of the courses and their content while you follow the recommended sequence of courses to build your data and analytics skills.

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